Evolve’s brilliant combat and MOBA-like design delight, but its thrills die too soon | GamesBeat

Evolve’s value will skyrocket once Turtle Rock adds more to do and changes how its online queues work.

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ColManischewitz1400d ago

Jump/leap with the monster on PC is so frustrating and broken.

breakpad1400d ago Show
darkronin2291400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Ah that's a shame. Sort of reminds me of my experience with Titanfall. Will probably pick it up on a sale instead.

crazytown991400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I really loathe the DLC plan for this game. It feels even more overtly money-grubbing than usual DLC plans.

midnightambler1400d ago

This game is way overpriced for what it's offering.

Cra2yey31400d ago

Should've been free to play or February's ps+ free game of the month.

JsonHenry1400d ago

If Left 4 Dead wasn't cheaper than a full price game when they came out I would have felt the same way about the "fun" of the game wearing off way too soon. I guess the guys did the same thing here only made the mistake of charging full price and outrageous amount of DLC.

I haven't played the game. But I'd like to hear from you guys who actually bought it and what you think of it.

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