Who Would Appear As An Exclusive Fighter In Mortal Kombat X On Wii U?

rustyshell: I wondered who from Nintendo's universe would be bad-ass enough appear in Mortal Kombat X as an exclusive fighter if the game was coming to Wii U.

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gangsta_red1375d ago

Jack Cayman from MadWorld, having that chainsaw blade would fit perfect for MKX for the WiiU.

zinger_AU1375d ago

Damn I forgot about him!

XBLSkull1374d ago

I'd love ripping any of Nintendos overrated characters limb from limb so they all work for me.

Neonridr1375d ago

A very mature and sinister looking Yoshi. Would fit in nicely alongside Reptile.

WelkinCole1374d ago

An for fatality Yoshi swallow opponents whole.

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The story is too old to be commented.