Sony's Approach to Indies Is Good for the Entire Industry, says Disco Pixel

Push Square: "Sony's been banging the indie drum hard for a little while now, but not everyone's willing to dance to its rhythm. There's a growing sentiment among PlayStation owners that the manufacturer's using smaller games to cover for the dearth of blockbusters in its stable, but a quick glance at its 2015 lineup reveals that that's not the case. In fact, according to Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas developer Disco Pixel, its strategy actually stands to help the industry as much as itself."

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DragoonsScaleLegends1371d ago

They are basically paying for these indie games to be made when they put them on PS+.

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Bodge1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Steam has been better for indies a lot longer.

KwietStorm1370d ago

Not for consoles it hasn't.

vanethe1371d ago

the way i see it most indies are on ps vita (yeah the portable that sony is not really supporting )

Pogmathoin1370d ago

Indies are good for the gaming ecosystem, but should not be the main event. They should be encouraged, people should buy some.... Playing Another World again, not a new title I know, but man, all I could think about was all those Amiga games and how there was always new IP.... The good days... But the main reason we buy consoles are for the hollywood games, the blockbusters.... Anyone is lying if they deny that..... Support your indies, but buy the big new IP's when they come, or else its all COD and Assassins creed every year......

DigitalRaptor1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

"But the main reason we buy consoles are for the hollywood games, the blockbusters...."

That's a pretty revolting description in all honesty. I certainly don't buy my consoles for "the blockbusters" but for the insane diversity on offer across the board these days. What about Bloodborne? That isn't "hollywood or blockbuster". It just isn't. And then where does your description leave games like the excellent looking Persona 5? It doesn't fall under that banner either, and it's certainly not exactly an indie game is it?

It's not as black and white as "AAA games are the main attraction" because there are more high-rated indie games on both consoles than AAAs (see metacritic). I know some people who will be buying their consoles for the more niche games like Persona 5.

Killing Floor 2 is indie and looks like it holds up against the big boys. RiME is indie and looks like it holds up against games like Ico and Zelda. Amnesia: The Dark Descent, again was a massive hit on PC and SOMA looks to be bigger, better and as large as you would expect from a traditional AAA horror game in the past couple of years (a game like Alien Isolation comes to mind). No Man's Sky is bigger than every single game on PS4 so far combined (yeah I know it's not as dense in terms of gameplay of all those games, but the universe certainly is).

From your comment I'm just thinking, "why can it not be an equal mix of both to be excited about, rather than an overpowering AAA giant negating the relevance of the more creative but smaller development teams out there". It's honestly not as simple as your description hopes to convince other of, because it's not just AAA against the littlebigfolks who make tiny games anymore.

Saying "they should be encouraged" is a little insulting and patronising when many of them are already creating larger worlds and experiences than many AAA games, and being given opportunity to grow into making larger things like never ever before.

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