Interview with Viktor kalvachev about his upcoming Xbox One game Blue Estate

When Blue Estate hits the Store for the Xbox One on the 18th of February it will bring with it all of the action, laughs and mayhem from the books. The game is a rail shooter that makes brilliant use of the Kinect's Motion Tracking feature and brings a very classic old school arcade vibe with it.

PressA2Join interviewed Viktor Kalvachev, the man behind the books about how it turned from a Graphic Novel into an amazing on screen shooter.

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WESKER20151377d ago

looks like an old school lightgun game

Ciporta19801377d ago

lol this games had had such bad reviews. I remember people being excited for the ps4 version too and it was terrible.

lilmisscherry1377d ago

I really like it. They've added an arcade mode and it's really fun.

Kribwalker1376d ago

It looks like it could be a blast. At the right price I'll pick it p

lilmisscherry1376d ago

$12.99 also with a 20% discount for gold members :)