Does a healthy lifestyle make you a better gamer?

Red Bull writes: Just as professional footballers have come to realise that sinking six pints of beer on a Wednesday afternoon probably isn't the best preparation for match day, so some pro gamers are feeling the benefits of a healthy lifestyle during tournaments.

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WilDRangeRfc1374d ago

I play better after the gym,it has to be the endorphines released by the brain during exercise,concentration is also way better

RevXM1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

It can help.
But healthy lifestyle will help you live longer, so you can play more games. so eat decent food, walk everyday and exercise a little.

Love to exercise, but I have little time and money to do anything serious like I used to. but everyone can do a few push ups and simple exercises like that every day for 15-20 minutes or something.