Kick & Fennick: The First Sleeper Hit Of 2015 Is On PlayStation Vita | Short Pause

A Short Pause member plays through Jaywalkers Interactive's 3D puzzle platformer, Kick & Fennick. Find out why he believes it's one of the biggest sleeper hits in a long time and is one of the best games early in 2015.

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TheDude791401d ago

It just blows my mind that this game was created by a two-man development team. Just a very impressive debut. Hopefully everyone with a Vita is trying this game out for free thanks to PlayStation Plus! What's everyone else's thoughts on this game?

jonatan2211401d ago

Dude, I' loving this game!

The art style is great and the gameplay is fun!

TheDude791401d ago

Really glad to hear others are enjoying it. Seen lots of people on Twitter talking about it as well. Sometimes it's the little games that'll hit you like a ton of bricks!

MasterCornholio1401d ago

Only two people?

Wow its amazing what small teams are capable of doing.

TM3331401d ago

Ya, I've only played it a little bit, but was stunned at how cool it was. 2 people!? Unreal...

telekineticmantis1401d ago

Do you know if the Psvita has Dualshock 4 connectivity? And whether or not it has a mount like smartphones do for the Dualshock 4?

Clover9041401d ago

I was extremely surprised by this game. It plays and looks great. I love how the camera will zoom in or out during the game. It's a sides roller, but gives different camera angles than just the steady side view. Very good game.

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captainexplosion1401d ago

I'm a huge fan of platformers on the Vita,but I hate this game. It's slow and the control and mechanics are terrible.

TheDude791401d ago

I definitely found the controls very difficult at first but, with lot's of practice, I eventually I got a feel for them. The game is still pretty hard (especially on hard), even if you do get the controls down however. What's your favorite platformer on the Vita?

captainexplosion1401d ago

Rayman Legends and the Ratchet Collection for sure. Rayman Origins, LBP Vita, Tearaway, and the Sly Collection are great too.

Clover9041401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

You're lying. It may be slow for your taste, but to say the controls and mechanics are terrible isn't accurate at all. The game plays great on the vita. If the game isn't for you, okay, I get it. But the controls are spot on for what the developers where going for. I think it plays brilliantly.

telekineticmantis1401d ago

Don't have a Vita anymore, contemplating whether to rebuy, or get the new 3ds, neither platform's games seem too impressive, for the price they are charging. This game seems interesting, as long as the price is decent.

TheDude791401d ago

If it's not free (via PS Plus), then it only cost's $7.99, which is insanely good for a game of this quality IMHO

telekineticmantis1401d ago

Yeah good price, these are the type of devs Sony should be buying.

isarai1401d ago

I love me some 2D platforming, but i find like 98% of modern attempts suck and just feel clumsy and unresponsive. THIS GAME however is really good, feels great, very responsive, and actually has quite a nice level of charm i haven't seen in a platformer since Sly Cooper. Honestly this game came out of nowhere and is really REALLY well executed. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves some 2D platformers with a decent challenge