Evolve Review – A Monster Mash I The Koalition

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes:
After the successful launch of Left 4 Dead way back in October of 2008, the talented team over at Turtle Rock Studios decided to focus on creating a new IP with a more strategic and dynamic multiplayer experience. The end result of this experiment is Evolve, a sci-fi themed asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits four player-controlled hunters against a menacing player-controlled alien monster.

Last month, I participated in an open beta for this title and wrote up a very detailed preview on my experience. Now that I have had a chance to fully explore all that this unique 4v1 shooter has to offer, I would describe Evolve as a compelling concept that suffers greatly by its lack of content. Here are a few more reasons why you should exercise caution if you’re planning on picking up this title.

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rbailey1374d ago

What started out as an awesome concept was truly ruined by the lack of content in the actual game. If I was Turtle Rock Studios, I'd be planning to give away a ton of free content because as is no one will still be playing this over the next couple of weeks.

dcj05241374d ago

According to their doc plan free maps and modes will be given out slowly. A lot like Killzone's plan actually, All the maps are free but cosmetics cost ya.

Dhampir1374d ago

Hunters and monsters will cost you too, if you get bored with the 2 or 3 that come with the game.

Romudeth1374d ago

I wonder if this game will be like Titanfall and forgotten a month later or be like Destiny and continue to have a ton of people continue to play it. We shall see I guess.

C-H-E-F1374d ago

I give it 2 weeks, but finally some sensible reviews.

Eldyraen1374d ago

70s seem fair to me too.

If the game played constantly at the best it could I could see 80s and maybe understand a few 90s but Evolve is a real hit or miss type of game. In other words some games you play can be a blast and others are pretty dull or downright tedious (mostly depending on how people are playing).

A solid campaign could had been cool but Evacuation isn't what I'd call a story any more than I'd call a storyboard a movie. Its actually my favorite mode ATM but that's just due to way its set up (changes in map/mode/level based on monster/Hunter wins).

I can see a niche audience that sticks around or play it off and on but in the scheme of things its going to be passed over by many or put aside (especially for ps4 owners as The Order and Bloodborne will be out before long--Borderlands remaster will probably overshadow Evolve in many ways too).

I should enjoy my time with Evolve but I just don't see its longevity being anything special. Evolve is still potentially great (the IP) but in the same way TitanFall is--if it gets a sequel it needs some changes if it wants to make a bigger splash. TF at least had less competition going for it.

Evolve is a good game but lacks some of the things that would had made it better on top of having all the dlc issues people are concerned about (which IMO is warranted even if optional, cosmetic, and others have done similarly--Gears3 weapon skins for example).

alice20151374d ago

dead game no single player campaign all the great games have both..... halo..... destiny.....

rbailey1374d ago

You are absolutely right about this, plus have you seen the price of all that DLC? These developers knew this game wouldn't offer much and still screwing people over anyway.

dcj05241374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

The DLC is cosmetic so that's kind of irrelevant

deester1374d ago

if the game had a single player I would have bought it but 60.00 for online only no way

Perjoss1374d ago

If its true about maps being released slowly over time and for free then I actually admire this approach, as long as the launch product is not too thin on content to begin with. Slow release free DLC is a great way to keep your game in the 'news' so its like free advertising, and people will be less likely to trade it in if they know they might miss out on free stuff.