Kill PewDiePie in this award-winning mass murder game

Party Hard is the game about killing your neighbors that it’s okay to love.

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Vengeance11381402d ago

Gotta feel sorry for the Hatred team, they don't deserve all the bad media they've been getting. With that said Hatred is Day 1 buy for me.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1402d ago

This article isn't about Hatred.

Vengeance11381401d ago

Actually the last part of the article very much is about Hatred and how its pretty much the same game.

cpayne931402d ago

Hatred was made for the purpose of bad media... They wanted the controversy. This is off topic of course...

Mr Pumblechook1401d ago

Love him or hate him, Pew Die Pie is the most successful gamer in the world. I'm older than his target audience and his vids are too annoying for me but I don't begrudge him success. He actually paves the way for other gaming YouTube megastars. Haters gonna hate but good luck to him!

gangsta_red1402d ago

At least there's a story and a little bit of thought mixed with humor for this particular game.

WizzroSupreme1402d ago

I don't want to kill PewDiePie, frankly. He's a rather nice guy whose work is an acquired taste.

authentic1402d ago

I find him to be very annoying and unfunny when he tries to be.

Nwah1402d ago

I didn't know millions of kids had such an acquired taste.

UKmilitia1401d ago

he should remember its kisds he has following him,because i have had to ban my child with PDP always swearing.

lipton1011401d ago

He's a wannabe with no real skills. In 5 years, when he squanders all his money he'll be panhandleing on the streets. Will never go further than youtube. The establishment will laugh him and the like right out of Hollywood if he tried

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