Vita accessory deals include 64 GB memory card, portable charger and more

The latest Vita accessory deals include the 64GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card being sold for $89.00, PS Vita Portable Charger discounted to $19.95 and more.

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Applejack1374d ago

I'd hardly call $89 for a 64GB memory card a deal.

JJShredder1374d ago

Agreed. I like my Vita but the memory cards are such an embarrassing blight on the system.

Conzul1374d ago

Where the hell was this at launch? Silly Vita. I just want it to die so we can get the next one which will hopefully be better thought out.

ChronoJoe1374d ago

I don't think we'll get another unless the Vita picks up, in honesty. So that might not be the best thing to wish for.

ninjahunter1374d ago

Sheesh, half off 32gb cards, yet they still cost 3x class 10 sd cards. Makes me chuckle to think that when the vita tv goes on sale it will be cheaper than the memory.

joeorc1374d ago

On one hand, its bad seeing the trans media stay the price that it is, the good though is less chance for a card reader to be ready to allow PSVita Game Dumps Like the UMD ISO''s that made dumping Games to ISO for easy distribution across the internet such a viability with MC Card readers with Magic Gate bypass to Dump UMD games direct to card from the PC where developers in the west decided to avoid making games it was only a matter of Time.

Started with PSP, games were very easy to pirate, and the DS was cheaper to make games for so even if pirated the cost's to recoup were much easy to further pitch for a 2nd or 3rd game to investors than a full PSP release which was quite a bit more cost in development and overhead in cost and man power.

Continued with the PSPGo

And here we are with the PSVita

With smartphone's if the game does get pirated, its still lower cost to recoup costs on game development.

Sony i doubt is going to be willing to fit the bill for another dedicated handheld moving forward. If anything PLAYSTATION PORTABLE GAMING IS MOVING, and rightly so in my opinion to that of an agnostic design. Software and service to smartphones tablets and with bluetooth game pad support the net result is much more profit and less hassle.

Does that mean they will up and drop the psvita anytime soon?
Doubtful, its selling @ profit on hadware and Software, there is just no solid reason to continue making a dedicated Game handheld instead if anything another go at making a dedicated game smartphone or tablet is more likely. That way the existing PSVita an PSTv still gets support, and the next developments stem from A playstation "mobile" aspect.

Xperia smartphones, LG, Samsung,HTC etc. Where all you need is an App, and a bluetooth game pad like a DS3 or DS4

GokuSolosAll1373d ago

I might bite once 64 GB drops below $50. Way too expensive.