Why I Am Taking A Wait And See Stance On Battlefield Hardline

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece stating why they are taking a wait and see stance to the latest Battlefield game.

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ArchangelMike1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I remember being so hyped for Battlefield 4. Not only did I pre-order the game, I also pre-ordered BF:Premium.

That turned out to be a disaster. The game was unplayable for the first month or so, and by 3-4 months in I had mainly moved on to other games, and my Premium purchase was being wasted.

6 months later EA announce Battlefied Hardline. What!? At that time Battlefield 4 was just about up to par with release standards. But worse still Hardline looked like the BF4 Expansion pack that DICE should have been working on - if they didn't have to hold back resources to fix BF4!

So I gave it a chance and played the closed Beta, and then the open Beta a few weeks ago. The last time I had such a vivid flashback, I was at Uni and was trippin on some really bad gear!

Bottom line, I'm not taking a wait and see stance - I'm taking a Boycott stance. BF:Hardline looks sub-par in almost everyway. Next-gen gameplay? Nope. Improved graphics fidelity? Nope. Innovative multiplayer? Nope. You would at least expect optimisations in the Frostbite 3 graphic engine - nope!

The following quote sums up the cheap cash grab that EA are trying to pull off with Hardline - "The overall takeaway here is that the Hardline beta looks and feels very much like its predecessor, and we can't shake the lingering sense that we should be seeing substantial improvements to both image quality and performance in a game launching over 15 months after its predecessor."

And please don't come here telling me - "it's a beta." That's what I was saying when the BF4 beta launched in 2013. How did that turn out in the end?... exactly!

Fool me once - shame on you; fool me twice - shame on me!

Garethvk1371d ago

Very well said. I wrote in the forums for the beta that it played like an add on and I found it repetitive with dated graphics, bugs, balance, and hit detection issues. A moderator said to Tweet it and not to post this stuff in the forums. When people agreed with me and called them out for wantng to suppress feedback they did not agree with, they locked the thread.

just_looken1371d ago

I took screenshots on my ps4 of a thread reply i made about a guy saying everything is new and hardline is goty.

I got a 2 week ban from the forums for saying what you said also i quoted a mod on there that was saying this game is innovative/fresh i told him he was a lying sob and no doubt was being paid to spread good pr.

Forums are a joke.

DragoonsScaleLegends1371d ago

Well at least the beta of hardline was fun in the few hours I played it. I've had no fun playing BF4. Neither are worth $60 (unless hardline has a good singleplayer which I doubt is true) and the season pass should be free or max $20. Why COD and BF developers get little flack for charging as much as the game itself just for a few levels is beyond me.

Rocky51371d ago

Premium in BF, adds 20 new maps over the year, other benefits as well as cosmetic stuff.

So £35 for the above is a great deal in my eyes & gives me something to keep coming back to play ever so many months.
(Even thought I play it daily)

I cannot say for COD, I haven't purchased one since BLOPS2 & even then I never bought any DLC.

Rocky51371d ago

All I can say is.

On release of the NG BF4 it was bug ridden & didn't even work half the time, but over a year it got refined & now it's how it should have been at release & I'm loving it.

Hardline I couldn't get into, it just felt to much like Medal of Honor: Warfighter meets COD & to me that is not what BF is about or how it should feel.

But there will be people out there that love the feel of the guns & think the game is fun. I'm just not one of them.

Ripsta7th1371d ago

Well what you saw on the beta was 720p!! Full game will release w 1080p 60fps
I though the beta was pretty smooth since day1 , i was able to get on matches right away and never experienced lag

Yi-Long1371d ago

That's why you should ALWAYS wait until reviews and feedback are in, especially when there's online MP and DLC is involved.

BF4 was a disaster for 8-9 months orso, but I knew that, so I simply waited it out, and bought BF4 Premium (base-game and all DLC included) a few months ago for only 40 euro on PSN, and it's been well worth it, cause NOW it's a great game.

If I would have bought it all at launch for full price, OBVIOUSLY I'd be a whole lot less happy about the whole experience.

Not interested in Hardline myself, but even if I was, I would never pick it up at launch. Because of both all the online problems so many games have these days at launch, as well as all the DLC milking.

A patient gamer is a much happier gamer.

ArchangelMike1371d ago

Very well said. Unfortunately a noob is born every minute. And for every veteran gamer out there who sees the wisdon in waiting there are 10 newbies who MUST have it Day1 or else life's just not worth living!!!

WilDRangeRfc1371d ago

Well said I will stick to BF4 and Titanfall

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bobsmith1371d ago

its being hated on pretty bad like cod is so its probly gona be a big hit

jordan84451371d ago

First BF game I won't buy in about 8 years.

ArchangelMike1371d ago

Man, I long for the days of Bad Company 2. I wish DIce would go back to making games how they made them back then. Now it's just a bloated, DLC farming mess really.

Pintheshadows1371d ago

I hate the way that DICE know we want more Bad Company but just won't do it. Weirdos. Bad Company 2 is still the best military shooter I have played out of the flood that came along.

Brilliant campaign. Great multiplayer. I am in the UK and got it early by about 3 days. Those three days were the most fun I had had with an shooter for years.

They need to bring back that destruction.

Akira20201371d ago

I absolutely respect all those opinions from everyone whom chose to avoid this game....but alas, like my choice in women, I'm a glutton for punishment and already pre-ordered Hardline.

Here's to being called, "Just a friend" one more time.
See you other gluttons on March 17th.

T2X1370d ago

I tried the betas and it's pretty fun. I mean I've heard there will be a campaign mode that sounded pretty cool. Eh, we'll see. I am guilty of buying BF each time it comes out along with premium, I also know they have their bugs, but I can honestly say that as far as consoles go, I have the most fun on BF. And I own many, many shooters. I know they usually need time until they are optimised to run well, but when they finally are, they're awesome fun. I'll pick it up a bit after launch on Gamefly with my discounts for about $35. that way I can't really lose!

Ashby_JC1370d ago

I to will be getting BFH.

I logged 100s of hours into BF4 honestly I didnt have as many problems as others.

I think when people have problems with games the AMP them up to the point it makes people say the game was a mess for months on months when that wasnt the case for many.

The BETA for BFH was very smooth. No long waits between matches. So im hoping the full retail is the same. If it isnt patient as most MP games have launch issues.

Oh I do the same wITH then buy when the price drops...usually get it for $45.

T2X1370d ago

I really think that EA may have learned a hard lesson with the rocky BF4 launch and that could be the reason they are trying to make the Hardline launch much smoother. Maybe it could be named Battlefield: Hard lesson! LOL!

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