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Dealspwn writes: Review scores are back in the headlines. Following in the footsteps of Joystiq, Eurogamer decided to sensationally abandon review scores in favour of a more descriptive system earlier this week, leaving readers free to engage with the text and draw their own conclusions -- Metacritic be damned.

As you'd expect, the internet exploded for a minute there. Now it's fixed. So it's probably high time we talked about those controversial little numbers, seeing as a growing number of gamers believe that they do more harm than good, from publishers withholding bonuses to 'hate out of ten' debacles.

Don't worry, we're not jumping on a bandwagon. Rather the three of us reviews put our heads together to talk about why we both love and loathe review scores, the benefits and limitations of numerical ratings and encourage you to let us know what you think of our status quo.

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randomass1711371d ago

I personally feel a no number system is best. I like reading the review more than the score but the discussions are almost always about the score. That should change IMO

MSpence5161371d ago

I look at multiple reviews if this is the means I chose to sway my decision. That way I get a review from someone that liked the game as well as someone that did not. It somewhat eliminates bias, but not really. This way, I find out if there is something in the game that will make me regret my purchase.

Dudebro901371d ago

Reviews are opinions, therefore the number system/ scores are up to the reviewer. There shouldn't be some movement of people dropping scores simply follow the latest trend.

NeverHeavyMan1371d ago

I'd say, you can express yourself in the same way even without scores. Difference is, without a number, if you're totally interested in said game, you MUST read the entire review.

Seems like the better trade off.

Dudebro901371d ago

If you're totally interested, chances are you would read the review anyway.

NeverHeavyMan1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Not always. You could just skim it and then head to the number, negating all else. Without a score, that's not an option.

DefenderOfDoom21371d ago

To the people who just read the review score . You should read or watch the entire review ! A million times more informative than a sillly number.

gangsta_red1371d ago

I don't know why the number system is all of a sudden under scrutiny. What's the difference if someone gives it a 5 for mediocre as suppose to just saying it's mediocre?

A bad game is a bad game regardless of the score and the same thing goes for a great game.

Eliminating the number system won't eliminate a bad review.

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The story is too old to be commented.