IrrationalPassions: Dying Light Review

Jarrett writes: "At Dying Light’s heart is a game about having fun, and it succeeds at least at that. Freerunning and combat are both executed fairly well, but not perfectly. Crafting doesn’t inspire much, or make weapons reach Borderlands level of ridiculousness, but it is fun to tinker with. The story, though, is droll and the plot, pacing, and tone are schizophrenic messes. Techland comes just short of a truly inspired and unique, but shouldn’t be ignored because of it."

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godslayer1373d ago

what a shitty review , you know out of hundreds of gamers i know and real people not internet losers who lie like this game more than that pile of junk evolve or destiny it is the game when your at a party everyone want to put in and play and even the sp when your by your self . People like you are killing the game industry all you guys do is jump on a bandwagon and really you put in 6 hrs into 30 hour game and your going to know shit as i am 50 plus hours in and the bottom line the game is fun but people like you forgot what that means. Its a disgrace that any one can release articles even if they only play 10% of a game