Just Cause 3: Firestarter Trailer

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios are delighted to reveal the very first trailer for Just Cause 3. The trailer, entitled “Firestarter”, takes a look inside the mind’s eye of Rico Rodriguez, the most explosive action hero in gaming.

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Bansai1401d ago - this exact moment gave me the chills, nice.

-Foxtrot1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )


This looks like it could be amazing

CyrusLemont1401d ago

If what we saw was conceptually what they're aiming for in the game then f**K yes. It looks like a huge push in improving explosions and destruction.

Hanuman1401d ago

Really exited about this. The slow jazzy version of Firestarter is awesome and gave the trailer somewhat of a 007 feel. I like it and can't wait to hear and see more about this game.

smolinsk1401d ago

wow what?? you see nothing in that trailer

DarkOcelet1401d ago

Its a teaser that the city could be fully destructible maybe and that instead of Parachute, he is gliding now :D

yess1401d ago

Actually there are hints of physics and destructible environment, but yeah, it is only a cgi teaser...

I know they will deliver, so they already got my money...

Hellsvacancy1401d ago

I know, rubbish, we've already seen a number of screen shots for JC3

Show us a damn gameplay trailer

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The story is too old to be commented.