The Legend of Zelda: Ranking the Games

Den of Geek found the mythical Triforce and ranked every single major Legend of Zelda game since 1986!

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Geobros1280d ago

But why? Why I love your list? Because is the best list I have ever seen!! The first 3 Zelda games in my list too. 4th I would put Oracle games and 5th Link's Awakening.

rawrock1280d ago

My favorite Zelda is Twilight Princess, followed by Ocarina of Time and A Link To The Past...

billybehr1280d ago

That was a good list! I also like the fact that he put Link to the Past as number one. I grew up with all the Zelda games and can agree to his reasoning behind his selections.

jonboi241280d ago

Orcarina of time, Link to the Past and Twilight are my top 3. Never played Wind Waker but when I get a Wii U that will be knew of the first hand I pick up.

billybehr1280d ago

I played it back on GameCube. It's extremely fun. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Tex1171280d ago

Links Awakening should be higher!

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