PS4 Exclusive Rime Delayed To 2016?

It seems like Rime, a PlayStation 4 exclusive in development at Tequila Works, won't be released in 2015 as originally scheduled.

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Mostafeto1377d ago

I guess since Sony had already released the games launching this year and this wasn't in it then I won't expect it to suddenly pop up and get released although I am eager to try it out.

bouzebbal1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

this article is garbage.. is there a source saying RIME will be released in 2015? When i say source it's Sony or Tequila Works.

KingKevo1376d ago

I will trust the dev on it and they say it'll come in 2015. Tweet from 12 January:

medman1376d ago Show
kaiserfranz1377d ago

Real bummer, I love this art style! Well, there are still a lot of gamed and hopefully Time will turn out great in the end.

Chris_Wray1377d ago

I imagine a lot of it will just be oversight by Sony on the list, then again - delays aren't usually announced nowdays until after the release day, hah.

Imp0ssibl31377d ago

Well, if it's just a mistake on the list then it will be made clear fairly soon I would imagine.

Otherwise, we should assume it's coming in 2016 now

Genuine-User1376d ago

How can it be delayed if it never had a set release date.

Alexious1376d ago

Look inside the article, the developer admitted to a 2015 release window earlier.

Genuine-User1376d ago

They sure did. Let's hope it comes out sometime this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.