Destiny's Mystery Vault of Glass Chest may not Exist After all

Yesterday, we reported that Bungie’s Urk had revealed during a Twitch stream the existence of an undiscovered Chest in Destiny‘s Vault of Glass Raid. During said stream, the present members of Bungie were asked if there were any more Chests in the Vault of Glass, to which Urk clearly replied “Yes. The answer is yes”. Since the story broke, Urk has taken to the internet to quell conspiracy theories surrounding this mystery Chest, stating that he had misheard the question.

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JeffGUNZ1404d ago

So they thought people said was there a reason to return to the vault of glass? Ok, then Bungie, what is the reason? You already made all my Raid gear obsolete the day of the Dark Below release. All weapons in the vault that are legendary remain at a max of 300. If you have the Mythoclast, what is the point in returning Bungie?

GuruStarr781403d ago

You can still get exotics from the chest before the gorgon maze and for beating atheon (I got my 2nd gjallahorn from the chest a few weeks ago), so yeah, there's still reason if you need some exotics..

Cra2yey31404d ago

I still need Red Death and the jelly horn but other than that yeah why go back?

Hereiamhereibe21398d ago

Obviously they are gonna tell people to keep playing the VoG. If they made it they are gonna tell people to play it. Even if that reason is just for the experience is that not enough? Would you not play halo 1 again because you cant get a useful exotic from it?