Everything about Destiny’s upcoming UI changes in one video

The video recap of today’s Bungie weekly update is here.

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OmegaShen1375d ago

Yeah, I agree the rep things isn't that big of deal. More vault space would be really nice.

martinezjesus19931375d ago

They said they are looking it that already, however this addition is a step in the right direction, one less reason to go through the hassle of going to the tower. I would also like a mini vault we could have access to on orbit, with like 4 spots just to put in our main guns like GHorn, or Ice Breaker.

OmegaShen1375d ago

I think they should make the the vault unlimited space and add hitting R2/RT to bring up other characters inventory to switch gear from vault an characters easy.

Because it takes awhile to move gear into vault, switch characters and go back to vault to get gear.