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Dealspwn: "Evolve is a handsome, smart and hectic eat 'em up that's surprisingly difficult to recommend.

What could have been an underground smash as a budget download has been spread thin to justify a AAA price, leading to grave concerns about its glacial progression, value, longevity and DLC strategy. Though still utterly fantastic under optimal conditions, Evolve asks far too much for an inconsistently enjoyable experience."

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bggriffiths1372d ago

Yeah, something's not been right with this for ages. If I was getting a bit bored during the beta, I don't think this is for me. Can't be doing on relying on other players so much in order to enjoy it.

I don't need another Destiny in my life (although I'd go back to Destiny if only Bungie would get over themselves and allow Raid matchmaking).

Blues Cowboy1372d ago

"Can't be doing on relying on other players so much in order to enjoy it."

You could if Evolve learned anything from Natural Selection 2 or Primal Carnage. Niche asymmetrical multiplayer downloads with a passionate cult audience.

But no. Hell, at least Destiny gives you a lot of stuff to do.

TheImprobableMulk1372d ago

"You could if Evolve learned anything from Natural Selection 2 or Primal Carnage. Niche asymmetrical multiplayer downloads with a passionate cult audience."

And both of those are available at a fraction of the price. A shame really, but I might consider Evolve when it comes down in price. Hopefully the PC community will still be active when that happens...

Blues Cowboy1372d ago

@TheImprobableMulk: Yeah, all true.

I suspect the PC version will still be around. PC multiplayer communities stick around for years, though you might find yourself playing against very experienced veterans!

jriquelme_paraguay1371d ago

Is the same FAIL as Brink...
this kind of game never succes, i think the only exception is L4D

DarkOcelet1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

"but when a full-priced AAA game jumps off the freemium deep end it demeans us all. Yes, the extras are all optional, but Evolve already doesn't offer enough content if you buy it at full price. Why should we then have to pay even more for what probably should have been included as standard?"


... but can also be boring, frustrating and repetitive, especially when matchmade

Achingly slow progression, potentially limited longevity on consoles

Nowhere near enough content for a AAA title, not enough monsters

Unwelcome and wrong-headed DLC campaign for a full-priced game"

Finally some honest reviews are out. Now people can look at how really crappy this game is.

Blues Cowboy1372d ago

I think that a lot of reviewers literally forget that games cost money. They've been getting promo copies for so long that the fact that games require us to spend £54.99 and upwards doesn't even cross their minds.

Meaning lots of 9s and 10s for games essentially reviewed as being free.

ABizzel11371d ago

@Blues Cowboy

Nail on the head. A lot of sites these days take price out of the equation when reviewing games, technology, etc... Their opinion is that they review a product solely based on what it is, what it has to offer, and how it fairs amongst it's competition (cnet is one I've seen flat out state they do this).

But price is a huge determining factor for buying anything for the consumer, and IMO Evolve isn't worth $60 unless all the DLC was included. I love Left 4 Dead to death, but I wouldn't say it was a $60 game, and I've never bought it until the games dropped in price down to $40 or less (they usually launched in November, and Black Friday week they were $30 - $40). Evolve should have been the same, and maybe it could have been worth it, but I was bored with it during the beta, so I know it was never going to be for me.

MasterCornholio1371d ago

Thats one of the main reasons why I like watching reviews from people who buy the game. They can tell you if its worth the 60$ or not better than the ones that receive it for free.

jhoward5851371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Evolve is an excellent game concept.

Thing is, we all had the right idea at one time that multiplat games are risky. Trying to balance to look and playability on multiply gaming platform isn't an easy task.

The pickyness from gamers are more than enough to drive most Devs the point where they'll lose focus on making a good game. Just to keep the peace.