It's not yet time to stop playing Destiny

MWEB GameZone writes: " Despite the early success, Destiny has found itself come into question in recent weeks. Various websites have started to ask the question "Why have people stopped playing Destiny?"

It may look like the game is nearing the end of its lifetime for some, but for others, this may be the start of a new adventure and that is why its not yet time to stop playing Destiny.

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Mikelarry1314d ago

Purchased HOW so they got me as a customer till then,depending on how that plays out will determine if i stay with this game

bananaboats1313d ago

House of Wolves will be a big factor in people staying or going. I cant see myself leaving Destiny anytime soon, its a lot of fun. even if I take a small break from it I can always see myself going back to play, no need for me to leave it all together when they have a 10 year plan for it.

JudgmentJay1313d ago

"No need for me to leave it all together when they have a 10 year plan for it."

I don't think you'll have that opinion in 2 years

gamer91313d ago

I’ve ‘beat the game’ so to speak, I’ve played through all the content, gotten all the weapons I want. Without new content then there’s nothing left for me to do. I am interested to see how long the DLC lasts, if it is longer than 2 weeks like the Dark Below

Aceman181313d ago

I cut my playtime down by deleting my titan and hunter. Now I just play when I feel like it no more multiple nightfalls/weekly's

HanCilliers1314d ago

All up to The House of Wolves

Cra2yey31313d ago

Indeed it is, also increased vault size will help...

HoldenZA1313d ago

I really like the fact that this will always be a game I can pull down from my shelf, and their might be something new to play for.

gamer91313d ago

But there isn't anything new, that's the point. They did the Queen's wrath in the fall but outside of DLC since then there hasn't been any content added to the game

rawrock1313d ago

I lik ethat my character will roll over to Destiny 2, that gives incentive to keep playing as well...

Mikelarry1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )


ill find the link and post


there you go

bananaboats1313d ago


Thats awesome, glad they're doing that.

UKmilitia1313d ago

so every lvl is just gonna be light lvls then in all future destiny games?
scrw that

Toiletsteak1313d ago

I might pick up Destiny when the full game is out.

martinezjesus19931313d ago

Its been out since September of last year :)

Kribwalker1313d ago

You're gonna be way behind, it's taken me a month to get my wife's character up to a 29, when she was already an 8 because she decided she wanted to start playing in strikes and raids with my friends and me on my 2nd system and doesn't have the time to grind to level up...once more content comes out its gonna take forever to be able to do relevant stuff

ManAnimalX1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )


lmao. Nice 1, and though some will take this as a sly joke or Troll, the Reality is Destiny IS NOT A WHOLE GAME, its broken down into pieces and bites, then sold as DLC for $20, even after the initial $60 you pay for a "Partial" retail version.

But, to each his own.
"The Problem is the INDUSTRY has created ADDICTS. An addict has NO SELF CONTROL, they will let you screw them over and over and over again..... Think: someone hooked on drugs, once their hooked you can even sell them "INFERIOR drugs" because they NEED THEIR FIX."


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