Kingdom Hearts 3 release date and gameplay trailer rumour as secret logo appears

Secret logo found in source code spurs rumours of release date announcement and gameplay trailer.

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DarkOcelet1372d ago

I dont think i would be able to handle that much awesomeness in one year. KH3 in 2015 would be the best thing ever happened to me this gen.

BillmadeAGate1372d ago

I doubt kingdom Hearts 3 will be released this year. . I mean we're still waiting on FF15 release date.

DarkZane1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

FF15 is coming out before KH3 and not only we don't have a release date for it, but it's likely not coming in 2015. KH3 is definitely not coming out this year.

They haven't shown anything but a few teasers because there is barely anything done on the game. Meanwhile, FF15 keep getting lots of screenshots and information. FF15 is almost upon us and KH3 is not even close.