The Joy Of Bad Video Game Dialogue

"Resident Evil Remastered is currently cleaning-up on the digital sales front, and I couldn’t be happier. But there’s one thing about the Resident Evil Remake that I don’t think is so good. One disappointing tarnish on an otherwise brilliant experience that has me grinding my teeth like a disapproving zombie.

"In short: the original’s unintentionally hilarious dialogue is now merely boring and mediocre."

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DarkOcelet1377d ago

I honestly thought ReRemake dialogue was well done. Took the bad VA of the original and the script and made it more serious. And that is a good thing.

shodan741377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

The plot of Resident Evil is so ridiculous - in a good way, I hasten to add - that I don't think making the writing more serious actually does it fair service.

It's an atmospheric thriller but has a really cheesy B-movie backbone, and that's why the original hammy lines and VA work so well IMO. They always bring a smile to my face!

DarkOcelet1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Actually making the writing more serious fit the mood of Remake because it was darker in every possible way. The atmosphere was seriously amazing in it. The Crimson zombies scares scared the hell out of me the first time lol. I think with the games became more grown up, it had to have a darker tone to it. And i thought it was right. Especially after playing the original moments before i played the Remake.

shodan741377d ago

Fair point! It certainly does have great atmosphere, and there are some genuinely frightening moments. Lisa? Gah!

That said, the original was honestly terrifying for me back in the day. It's dated now, but the hunters alone gave me nightmares.

I think we can safely agree they're both great games - and the Remake did a tremendous job of updating it.

Now all we need are remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis...

BlackTar1871376d ago

Only thing i miss is the Hand talking they did.

Miss that cheesy mess.

DanJenkoFMV1377d ago

I think it's a sign of the industry moving forward that 'so bad it's good' dialogue is pretty rare these days, but I agree there's a certain charm to it.

The wider point about average dialogue is equally true, although there are more and more examples of it improving recently.

shodan741377d ago

For me, it's like everything else. Spectacularly great and spectacularly bad are both equally enjoyable. Bland is just...well...bland.

Vanfernal1376d ago

I still remember spitting my coke out of my nose the first time I heard this amazing and thoughtful comment by Jill in the original RE.

NarooN1376d ago

"But wait!.... JUST TAKE. A. LOOK. AT. THIS." - Barry Burton, Resident Evil 1