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Tru_Blu1282d ago

If you don't have an Icebreaker good, otherwise another worthless week of Xur. At least sell some damn heavy ammo already.

rezzah1281d ago

But then you'll spend less time grinding.

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Septic1282d ago


Give me the gjallahorn please p_p

I cant take it anymore

Tru_Blu1282d ago

Don't hold your breath, I don't think that is ever getting sold again.

Septic1282d ago

:( Alas, I am a slave to RNG.

Damn you spirit bloom!

OmegaShen1282d ago

I still have my gjallahorn when it first show up, don't use it much.

bananaboats1281d ago

Do you have the wolfpack rounds unlocked? THE BEST rocket launcher in the game and you dont use it much.

The only time I dont have Ghorn equiped is when im turning in bounties to upgrade another exotic/heavy

OmegaShen1281d ago

Really four disagree? What ever noobs.

Must of the time I use Red Death or Ice Breaker and I think my video link can answer your question if I got wolf pack rounds.

AKS1281d ago


I don't use my Gjallarhorn much either. I use Hunger of Crota for Crota Hard and Truth for PvP.

I have no problem consistently knocking Crota down with the Hunger of Crota. I like the Icebreaker/Hunger of Crota combination for PvE. I mainly use the Gjallarhorn with my Titan when I'm using Ruin Wings. Otherwise, Hunger of Crota usually does the job just fine.

Pixel_Enemy1281d ago

Yeah I love the Icebreaker/Hunger of Crota combination too. Just got the Seros Regime and I would kill for a black hammer to replace my icebreaker slot..

Christopher1281d ago

If you don't use it much, then you are wasting the best exotic in the game.

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GuruStarr781282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I think it's hilarious he's not selling heavy ammo synths this week. Glad I stocked up over a month ago when he last had them... still got over 150 left. Too bad for the guys who are too cheap to spend their strange coins. I'd say I feel bad for them... but I don't ;) Have fun farming glimmer for the overpriced ones from the gunsmith and the underwhelming Eris deal.

I really thought he would have them by now, I even made extra room for them in my vault for another 500 of them.

Here's a "pro tip" Buy over 300 next time he gets them in stock (if he ever does again). I've talked to so many people who buy 50 of them at a time and then wonder why they have none a week later.

Septic1282d ago

ARe the heavy ammo synths the same as the ones the weapon vendor sells in the tower?

GuruStarr781282d ago

Yes, but Xur sells them 5 for 1 strange coin, an insanely good price..

bananaboats1281d ago

you gotta remember tho, not everyone has a boatload of coins at their disposal. Im currently sitting at 82 coins, I bought about 40 synthesis last time he had them and still have 12 left(I dont understand how people go thru them like candy) A better "pro tip" would be to not use them like they're M&Ms

GuruStarr781281d ago

It really depends on how "bad" your Crota team is (or how bad it's glitching) to measure how many synths people go through.

I've had teams where we beat it the first try on hard, and some teams that would not have beaten it in a million years..

Themba761282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I am sick and tired of this crap im about to platinum the freakin game and I still can't get gjallahorn yet ive seen at least 10 ppl who suck and barely play the game get gjallahorn what type of crap is that.

Mikelarry1282d ago

"what type of crap is that."


is a BITCH aint it


Actually bro it's being sold lol so hurry and read this because it'd suck to miss it again... Hope you see this in time

Kribwalker1281d ago

It's not being sold, that's the exotic upgrade, you have to have the weapon pre-dlc before it was rated higher and upgrade able, then u trade it in for the new version....stupid I know


Sorry about the previous post my fault

rezzah1281d ago

Take a couple weeks off, bungie might decide to give u a reason to stay and play.

They tried with me after afk for 3 weeks, then one hard raid run and i get the hawkmoon.

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