'DOA 5' developer talks 'Last Round', not milking the franchise

The final version of developer Team NINJA's M-rated fighting game Dead or Alive 5 is slated for release next week, and it will bring new characters, stages and character costumes.

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badjournalism1375d ago

Little late on that whole 'not milking the franchise' thing, guys.

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive 4
Dead or Alive Dimensions
Dead or Alive 5
Dead or Alive 5 Plus
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Dead or Alive Paradise

The Girls of Dead or Alive Blackjack

There is also, of course, the turd of a movie "DOA: Dead or Alive"

HaveSumNuts1375d ago

I just think it's quite ironic to say they are not milking the franchise when the final version of the game (the THIRD version) still doesn't have all the DLC included.

Yi-Long1375d ago

I really liked the game, but luckily I haven't spent a single dime on it, and with all the milking going on, and will still be going on with this 'Last Round' edition which STILL won't have ALL the content included(!)... I certainly won't be buying it any time soon.

(I simply play and enjoy the Dead or Alive 5 that was in PS+ 1-2 years orso ago)

I don't want to support greedy developers like this with my money. If I do decide to ever pick up Last Round, I might even go for a 2nd hand version (which I usually never do), JUST to make sure this kinda constant nickel-and-diming will not be rewarded by me... even though apparently there are many others who happily pay for this kinda stuff... so I'm sure they'll just keep doing it.

pompombrum1375d ago

You forgot to list all the DLC for Dead or Alive 5.. it's understandable though, it would take you hours to type it all.

gamer78041375d ago

sorry but your list contains games throughout several generations of consoles. They only put out about 2 per generation, thats not milking.

i'm glad they made last round, especially for next gen console owners, many of us want to use the features and hardware the os and console provide.

If sales are up, thats whats going to encourage them to make more, i hope they do.

Tuxmask551375d ago

My god this game has been milked dry! Maybe it's time for me to consider actually getting it now that it's all on disk with no more silly DLC to waste money on.

Yi-Long1375d ago

... It will still have even MORE DLC-milking, so even if you do decide to buy it, it still won't be the complete package containing all DLC-content.

If you've waited this long, you might as well wait a few months longer until it's on sale for 20 bucks or something.

Viryu1375d ago

Well, it could have been worse. They could have made an Evolve on us, releasing skins worth twice the game cost.

hkgamer1375d ago

not 100% sure, but doa has so many dlc costumes that it would probably cost more than what evolve has to offer.

SaveFerris1375d ago

When I think of DOA 5 Last Round 'Milking', Honoka comes to mind.

DxTrixterz1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

DOA 5 LR not milking? Ha ha ha. This is 4th DOA 5 edition YET not every DLC will be in it. Sorry but if I was to get every piece of DLC for DOA 5 then I could be able to buy like 2 or 3 X1/PS4 for all that money.

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The story is too old to be commented.