E-Sports, +5 to Athleticism for Geeks

Arthur Frawley writes: "E-sports is a misnomer. The NCAA recognizes 23 sports officially and the one quality that is present throughout all 23 sports is physicality. That physicality ranges from wrestling where you throw people to the ground to, shooting where you shoot a rifle, to basketball where there is some contact, to football where you are in pads and hit other people as hard as you can so the physicality varies wildly but physicality is always present. With that being the case E-sports cannot be considered a sport because it isn’t technically a physical sport; instead it should be considered an activity like forensics or poker in that it is not a physical sport but a mental sport. With the in mind the NCAA won’t help E-sports grow, all the fracturing and independent competitions make e-sports culture is about as easy to understand as reverse Sanskrit, and besides the MLG there is no central organization for E-sports. With all that in mind how do we make E-sports important?"

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