Disgaea 5 Gets Quite Possibly the Weirdest Trailer Ever

We expect Japanese video game trailers to be weird, but we're always shocked when they push the boundaries of what exactly that word means.

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ValKilmer1009d ago

I have no idea what just happened.

1009d ago
Beetey1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

I said the same thing after watching Batman Forever.

Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to ValKilmer

ValKilmer1009d ago

That's what you get for insulting Batman Forever!

MasterCornholio1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

I'm going to the arcade with my wrecking ball to see if I can beat the high score on the punching machine.

I might end up wrecking the place though.

P.S No idea how the wrecking ball part has anything to do with Disgaea though. Love that wacky Japanese marketing. At least it didn't have red riding hood and a raccoon in it.