15 New Bravely Second: End Layer Screenshots Show Characters, Jobs

Square Enix is showing off these new images of 3DS-exclusive RPG Bravely Second: End Layer.

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knifefight1401d ago

The first one was the best original handheld RPG in...years?

wonderfulmonkeyman1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

The latter half was really lazy unless you valued the changing interactions between them per fight, but otherwise, yeah, it was a VERY solid game.

Even with a full party of max-level characters with some really cheap set-ups and many fully-leveled jobs, the final boss had the kind of challenge normally reserved for secret bosses.

That, to me, shows a well done end-game fight.
Makes it memorable.
I know I'll never forget the satisfaction of clearing it, even if the run up to it did get stale due to repetition.

If End Layer fixes the big repetition issue that the first one had, it'll probably become one of the top-rated RPG's of 2015.

ftwrthtx1401d ago

Pretty cool but I need a translator.

Wedge191399d ago

Hopefully not limited just to the new 3DS? I have an old one and don't really want to pay to "upgrade."