Commodore 65 Found and Now on Auction Block

Carl Williams writes, "Ah, Commodore, the company that brought us such great and venerable computers like the 64/128 and the Amiga. These computers really defined computer gaming in the 80’s for a lot of fans that preferred keyboards to joysticks (though both were offered). As most computer users of the old days know, there were attachments for these computers called disk drives (today gamers have it so easy with their built in drives). It is interesting to know that way back in the early 90’s (close to a decade after the C64 was released- talk about longevity) Commodore was planning on releasing the C64 with a built in disk drive. The competition was already doing this with their computers and IBM compatible PC’s were only getting more popular so Commodore felt it was time to follow suit. Introducing the Commodore 65, man what a brilliant name for such a device. What would the Commodore 128 variant be? The 129, or possibly the Commodore 130?"

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