First Impressions on The Order:1886 and Bloodborne

GAME UK partnered with Sony to have a lock-in, to play The Order:1886 and Bloodborne before release. blogger Minimur12 shares his impressions on both games.

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nucky641401d ago

don't know which one I'm more hyped for.....but, that's ok since I've preordered both!

PeaSFor1400d ago

the worst part is looking at the countdown on my ps4, pre-loading ftw!

Maxor1400d ago

If you're into the Souls genre then Bloodborne is a sure bet. The Order is great if you like watching movies and spectacle show piece games like Ryse.

PeaSFor1400d ago

uh, interactive media is INTERACTIVE, brah.

Spore_7771400d ago

" The Order is great if you like watching

I can't agree to this, sorry. In an MGS comments section, I'd still disagree with you. Lol.

ArchangelMike1400d ago

Will BLoodbourne be that different from the Dark Souls series? Why do I feel like I already played Bloodbounre twice already though? The Order 1886, now that's a games that looing to deliver a fresh experience. IMO obviously.

thanhgee1400d ago

Are you expecting Bloodborne to be an open world third person shooter with sci-fi elements or something?

gangsta_red1400d ago

Really The Order to you looks like a fresh experience? I have to disagree with your opinion but Bloodborne looks like the better experience. A Horror third person action game with Souls gameplay and added weapons like shotguns and shields plus multiplayer and the procedurally generated dungeons found in Chalice.

I would be more hype for that game than anything The Order has to offer. Right now The Order looks good but it's only looking like a graphics bonanza and nothing more.

AliTheSnake11400d ago

Bloodborne is not just a horror themed Dark souls ( even if it was I would buy it twice). They changed and added a lot of things.

DigitalRaptor1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I'll be ordering in an extra helping of crow for you then Gangsta_red, because based on the impressions leaking out of early copies, The Order: 1886 has the same hallmarks that made The Last of Us a great game.

And yeah... fresh. What other game in this industry have you seen tackle the concept shown in The Order at all, let alone with such conviction?

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Magicite1400d ago

I like both RPG and TPS genres as long as they have great story+gameplay combo.

UKmilitia1400d ago

same and its been such a long time since xmas.
i have order,bloodborne and dying light ordered and i was hoping to smash dying light before order but now its gonna go order then dying light and then march bloodborne.
with a bit of borderlands

assdan1400d ago

Definitely more hyped for bloodborne, then again, the souls series is my favorite series along with MGS. So that's a given. I've gotta say I'm glad the order is coming out first though. I can sink 20-30 hours into that, then move onto the beast that will be bloodborne. Dark souls 2 is hands down my least favorite game in the series, and I've still put 100 hours into it.

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Dhampir1400d ago

Sony is pushing the hype train for Order 1886 pretty hard.

Bloodborne is still too far away.

thanhgee1400d ago

It's called marketing dude.. All major games do this if they want to sell.

Xavior_Reigns1400d ago

Just wait till Halo 5... that marketing campaign is going to redefine marketing.

talocaca1400d ago

I'm pretty sold on The Order (love Ready at Dawn)...

I hate to admit I'm waiting for reviews just in case its a total mess #driveclub (bought it recently for half the price after all the patches and love it).

I'm happy with solid 8's.

About Bloodborne....everybody seems to love it.

Then in Japan we have Dragon Quest Heroes too! intrigued.

KnownAsEpic1400d ago

But there is no online stuff in The Order so I think it's safe to say the game will work day one

stonecold31400d ago

paid both games off already

nucky641400d ago

me too! I have witcher3 paid for too.....just playing the waiting game now!


Bloodborne for me.

Giving the order a miss, not my type of game.

ArchangelMike1400d ago

That's really intersting, I'm the other way round. I've pre-ordered The Order and can't wait for that game to drop. But for the life of me I can't see the appeal of Bloodbourne. I loved Demon Souls and Dark Souls, but I cant see what differentiates Bloodbourne from Dark Souls. I'm skipping Bloodbourne for The Witcher 3. But that's just me I guess :)


Well the appeal of BloodBourne for me is that it is more of the same "Darksoul" experience which is the type of game experience I really like and can't get enough of Open world, RPG elements etc.

The order looks like more of the same linear, heavly scripted sort of game much like uncharted-ish type of game and those are the sort of games I don't enjoy as much.

I try to keep an open mind and try different games but after a while you get a really good feel for exactly which sort of games you know your going to enjoy straight away and which you can live without if that makes sense.

it's just my personal taste. I think Bloodborne will cary me over till The Witcher 3. the first half of this year is all about waiting it out for that game.

nucky641400d ago

it's a game by one of the todays great game designers in miyazaki....after demon souls and dark souls1 you know he's going to bring an incredible game - how do you not buy??

ArchangelMike1400d ago

Nice one. To be truly honest, I'm more hyped for The Witcher 3 than I am for The Order 1886, because I know I'm going to get so many more hours out of The Witcher 3, and so much more replay value. Not to say I won't replay The Order, I will... but you know it's really all about killing time until The Witcher 3 drops :))


The witcher 3 is my next gen game for this year...

Everything else is have reservations about.

I know there will be other good games, but if I am totally honest I have been left massively underwhelmed by this new Gen and I have lowered my expectations quite a lot by what these games can achieve.

starchild1400d ago

Yeah, I'm super excited for The Order 1886, but The Witcher 3 has been pretty much my most anticipated game of this generation so far. It feels like the wait is taking forever.

ArchangelMike1400d ago

I hear you. It's one of the reasons I'm hoping the Order will succeed. From all indications it is the first truly next-gen game that showcases what's possible this generation.

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