Apotheon – The Best Game Nobody Is Talking About

Pixel Gate UK talks about Apotheon, a brilliant game that is seemingly going unnoticed.

''very now and then, a game sneaks out with little to no marketing or hype. These games exist in their own little corner of the market, dwelling in silence. Apotheon is one of these very games, a hushed release during a busy period. While big games roll out, Apotheon neatly placed it’s self on PS4, offered for free as part of PSN +. It’s there, it’s quietly existing, and it’s brilliant.''

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LightDiego1405d ago

It's a great game, i finished yesterday, really recommend it. It's for free on PS Plus, like the article said, got it for free but i would not mind to pay for this great title.

Fil1011405d ago

I agree buddy, I had heard nothing about this until it hit ps plus and is truly a hidden gem.

amiga-man1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Im pleased to see Im not the only one enjoying this game, it makes for a pleasant change of pace, fun and challenging, If you havnt picked this game up free from PS+ your missing out.

morganfell1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )


I was a little different from you. I was anticipating the game like ketchup when it was announced. Then it wasn't on my radar for some very odd reason when the launch rolled around. But once I rediscoverd the game I grabbed it and it proceeded to grab me right back. It is one of those "I'll just play for 5 more minutes" type games that in the end swallows wonderful hours of time. And to think this began as a science fiction title.

bouzebbal1405d ago

these are actually the kind of games i enjoy myself playing.
i dont play FPS and i dont play wargames and shooters of all kinds, they're too generic.
But since all gaming community only cherishes FPSs, gems like Apotheon don't make it to the front line. I blame the lack of knowledge in gaming of those who call themselves "gaming journalists".

PixelGateUk1405d ago

I guess it's up to fans to make a buzz around the game. I'm not a journalist of any description, just someone who likes to talk about games, but I had no press releases at all about the game.

With little to no marketing, it's quite easy not to know about the game. I felt like I had to try do my part about getting the word out, it's genuinely a brilliant title.

mkis0071405d ago

Was a pleasant surprise to me as the art style.

Hoffmann1405d ago

Playing it a lot currently too, loving the style of it.

Maxor1405d ago

Love this game, love it. However the game is ruined by floaty and occasionally idiotic controls. For example on some occasion instead of immediately turning around as he should my character would back pedal for a few steps then turn around as he auto locked on a bad guy I'm not even engaged in. This killed me so many times and made some achievements a pain in the ass to get. You would think that a 2D platformer with 4 years in development would be able to iron this out.

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The story is too old to be commented.