In Batman: Arkham Knight, Everything You Break Stays Broken

Nerdacy: I’m really excited for Rocksteady’s final installment in the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great deal of information on the game just yet; and considering the fact that the game doesn’t release for another four months, we might not get more details until at least GDC.

However, a German game site, PC Games Hardware, recently got to play a demo of Arkham Knight on a PC using an Nvidia GTX 980 video card. Below are few details regarding the demo they played, translated to English. If you want to read the preview in German then head on over to their site, it’s a great read.

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1377d ago

Sounds like fans of the series will be happy which includes myself.

YamiMarik1377d ago

Does that mean they won't fix the game if it's broken?

1377d ago
Kingdomcome2471377d ago

Probably my most anticipated game. This is going to be amazing.

the_mack_attack31377d ago

Don't think I've ever been so pumped for a game in my whole 26 years on this planet!

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