The Order 1886: Enthusiastic Impressions from Sony Event; Info on Possible DLC, Gameplay and More

With The Order: 1886 just a few days away from release, there are quite a few things that we still don’t know, and NeoGAF user Readingaid just went to a Sony event with developer Q&A, bringing back impression and further information on possible DLC, an artbook, and on where the story might go after the first game.

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quiddd1377d ago

TACTICAL........hell yeah

Aloy-Boyfriend1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

What a coincidence this event is schedule tomorrow, which is the same day the New 3DS releases. Does this mean Sony is trying to steal some of the 3DS's thunder with some PS Vita surprises? Not hyping myself, just curious

HentaiMasterRace1377d ago

It's also Friday the 13th.......

knickstr1377d ago

So what changed? For months it has been nothing but negative impressions and now all of a sudden all you hear is how impressed people are after playing it.

kneon1377d ago

You've explained it right there, the change came "after playing it". Before that people were just spouting nonsense based off the few clips we'd seen.

knickstr1377d ago

People had played the demo for the first impressions. A short one, but it did have some gameplay. I was just wondering if there are new gameplay demos out or something.

nicksetzer11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

To be fair these RECENT "impressions" are all from the exact same site, largely composed by one person. Just like the daily look how amazing driveclub looks article.

I personally intend to play the game regardless, I like the theme and it just seems like a great atmosphere. that said, I can definitely see where others who have played the game have found the gameplay to be a bit unsavory though.

KOIMOJO1377d ago

The early demo that everyone hated on was the same one I played and being a guy that was pulling for this hard I was super sad after playing that original demo thinking that all of the nightmare scenarios were going to be true. My big worry was that in that particular demo they kept pulling me out of the gameplay too quickly and didn't give much to get a feel for the gameplay.

My bet is that they simply didn't feel like making a huge demo for the public. A lot of developers have ranted about how much time those building those vertical slices for the public take away from their flow and progress. I'm betting these people are now playing an ample section and realizing the actual vision for this game. Some demos just don't give you accurate expectations for the final project, just look at Wolfenstein lol.

I myself love cinematic games so them claiming two of their biggest inspirations are MGS and TLoU excites me to no end.

Dyldog691377d ago

Because the game is actually good if not great. Idiots who hated on it now are forced to 180 their blind hate pro Xbox slogans or get exposed

LifeInNZ1377d ago

So, you're saying that anyone who does not like this game is both an idiot and an Xbox fanboy.

Odoylerules0001377d ago

@LifeInNZ: Yeah, pretty sure that's he's saying. Thank you for reiterating, though. Very helpful.

sarshelyam1377d ago

Colin Moriarty had initially pessemistic views on the game after a mid-2014 play, I believe it was E3. By December, at PSX in Las Vegas, his tune had changed...

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WESKER20151377d ago

please, no dlc, put the stuff in the full game, please

BlackWolf121377d ago

What the hell is wrong with providing post launch content support???

The fuck is wrong with people.

Forn1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Yeah, like developers shouldn't continue to develop stuff for their games smh. As long as it isn't like what what they did for Evolve, it's all good, especially if it's free.

koston36471377d ago

Black or White right??



ziggurcat1377d ago

as long as the DLC isn't just weapons or character skins, i'm fine with that. since it's SP, i'm expecting there to be some kind of expansion.

medman1377d ago

Yes, yes...I can see it now...I want to play a dlc where the lycan have set up their own town, and my mission will be to murder the mayor of lycanville.

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