January 2015 NPD: PS4 outsells Xbox One as Dying Light tops software chart

GamesBeat reports: PS4 outsold Xbox One in January, but the Xbox One actually sold more software.

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Ch1d0r11376d ago

Yeah congratulations to them,some media outlets were trying to push the idea that there's already to many Zombie games and that we're bored of them. I guess not... Maybe the lack of new releases gave it a good push. I guess some folks were starving to play a new game. I'll definitely pick up this game for the online coop, it looks fun.

amiga-man1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

PS4 outselling the xone should not surprise anyone, MS made a big push over Christmas, but it was never going to last,

normal service has been resumed and with the line up of games the PS4 has this year starting with the Order, you can only see the PS4 going from strength to strength.

chrismichaels041375d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4's continued worldwide success. 2015 is already off to an even stronger start for the PS4 with The Order 1886, Bloodborne and MLB15 The Show (10 Year Anniversary Edition). I look forward to many more great years ahead with the PlayStation brand.

bouzebbal1375d ago

The Order
FF Type 0

Gonna be hard to reverse the curve in the upcoming months.

Meryl1375d ago

M$ was only winning one small battle with NPD, the ps4 was winning the war with worldwide, now the ps4 is even winning the NPD, xone is getting beaten by a huge margin!

Gamer19821375d ago

PS4 outselling xbox one even though the price didn't return to normal?? Thats seriously going to hurt MS they kept the price cut to desperately stay on top of PS4.

Unspoken1375d ago

Dying Light is an amazing game. The story had some minor hiccups but the gameplay is superb. Techland has definitely won me over.

NuggetsOfGod1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Who cares if ps4 sells more besides Ms, Sony and ps4 fanboys?

Devs don't make money on hardware sales.

Software sales is were the money is for them.

Good job xbox gamers..

Good job sony on making more money.

Sony domination is making Ms a better company.

user55757081375d ago

really no surprise here the ps4 is a better piece of hardware with better games, better resolution and is a better purchase for the future as well.

xbox one has played most of its cards and when "call of halo 5:the search for innovation" comes out and offers nothing new and innovative it will truly show that xbox one offers nothing new and exciting to the gaming industry and will continue to lose market share to sony's ps4. time for another price drop to boost sales!

Kal0psia1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Name me something speficially that has been exciting from PS4 so far?! All it has been is resolution and sells talk. There hasn't been a exclusive yet from Sony camp that has been exciting, only multiplats so far. Last PS4 exclusive with Little Big planet has gone completely under the radar unfortunately. Sony couldn't even afford to market that right. Driveclub although a great looking game, has been a dud so far. So what exactly does this subjective anticipation of yours come from?

If anything Microsoft has brought a variety of exclusive games, new IPs and sold very well given the console sells for it. If anything there is more strong anticipation and interest in their new IPs soon to be revealed.

Only game so far of interest to me personally and I might buy a PS4 just for it, is Bloodborne.

Also did we all just forget that XOne sold more software?! That's a real revenue stream and kinda worrying that even with less consoles sold compared to PS4 it still outsold in softwares? I wonder who the true gamers are. ;D


Console manufactures sees more revenue streams from software royalites overtime then they do consoles sells. Not putting down any consoles sells, it's just very surprising that this trend continues even into this gen as it was last gen where Xbox owners always bought more softwares than PS owners. Just any observation I've noticed overtime. Xbox owners not real gamers?! I think not.

GribbleGrunger1375d ago

Devs don't make money on hardware? So they make just as much money from 1m consoles as they would 10m consoles? Are you sure about that?

wsoutlaw871375d ago

@ kal Sales.
And neither company has done much interms of exclusives. MS had a lot of 3rd party exclusives like titanfall which will move to the ps4. For 2015, the games sony has shown are much more anticipated than the ms exclusives. The same thing happened last gen.

Conzul1375d ago

"Devs don't make money on hardware sales.

Software sales is were the money is for them"

lol, that has to be the most myopic drivel I've heard in a great while.

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Jozinho1375d ago

To be honest, dying light surprised me in a great way !! I actually enjoyed the game a lot.

saber000051375d ago

Yeah I was surprised too. I even held off buying it until checking the review on steam. Last time I checked, people gave it a 9/10.

saber000051375d ago

Dying light is what dead island should have been. I've been playing this game for the PC and have been really enjoying it. Little to no glitches too.

reallyNow1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

glitches are EVERYWHERE. Usually they're not game-breaking, but I have definitely been ejected out of the map twice, had weird, unexplainable shit happen all the time like cut off a head, 2 heads fall off, etc.

Edit: Still the best zombie game ive ever played.

BlackTar1871375d ago

I wish they had Motorcycles or 4-wheeler in dying light. Other then that i'm very happy with the game.

showtimefolks1375d ago

Congrats to Sony
congrats to MS, for software sales too

Overall it's back to noRmal. Ps4 will dominate in 2015. Sony is the reason MS had to make so many changes after major Nelson said it's not like we can turn a switch On DRM,always online and no used games

So even if you are a xbox fan, you need to appreciate sony, if it wasn't for them we would be stuck with MS and their stupid policies.

And please don't reply with one bubble saying you wanted the original version of Xbox one with DRM because for you that meant the future in gaming even though it was on a weaker console. Just stop it

Congrats Sony Again

The order 1886
MLB the show
blood borne
uncharted 4
no man sky

Among many others so MS has to work extra hard to win few months in 2015.

Also Sony winning means one this black Friday we will get even better deals with like 4 games or more with consoles lol. Competition means great for consumers

If it wasn't for Phil spencer actually looking at his competition and seeing what consumers Want xboxone would be dead last

UKmilitia1375d ago

mgith of bumoed sales up alot more if they hadnt shafted everyone outside of USA

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Kayant1376d ago

Not surprising Amazon is as reliable as ever in who wins.

Dying light is not surprising it the only really big release for the month iirc.

PS4 is likely back to it's streak if amazon is any indication

jjonez181376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Amazon has been nearly 100% accurate for NPD this generation. It's only fault being December 2013(but that was due to stock issues). February NPD is looking much the same even with XB1 sticking to 349$ for the whole month. That is until The Order 1886 makes its debut, further accelerating PS4's momentum.

Seems like we are in for another multi-month sweep for the PS4. XB1's next chance will come in October/November with Halo/CoD/TR XB1 bundles or a slim model at E3. 3DS may actually have a shot in March when LoZ, MH and the New 3DS release.

deadfrag1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Theres no Xbox one slim version coming this year because Microsoft haves 20 MILLION Xbox one stored and ready to ship to stores still,this was confirmed directly by AMD when they released the nº. The only way Xboxone outsell the Ps4 in the future is going to be in the month some exclusive great game comes out most likely,or losing even more money droping the price even more.The PS4 will be very hard to beat during this entire generation,it haves also great exclusives and the multiplatform games run and look better on it,if one had to chose just one machine the PS4 will be the pick for 80% of the gamers.

Foehammer1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )


Xbox was the best selling version 6 out of the 10 games

X1, 5 out of the 10

Well done

MasterCornholio1376d ago

You forgot to congratulate Sony as well for their achievement.

Well done to both of them.


SKullDugger1375d ago

I wish success to both SONY and MS I'm a gamer and own both consoles and my son has a Wii U.. Enjoy the games of your choice..

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pyramidshead1376d ago

Why is this such a surprise? Are we forgetting the massive surge and increase of people who bought Xbone's over the holiday season? Those guys are gonna need games to play on their bones lol.

WelkinCole1376d ago

Apparently the X1 is not that far behind the PS4 in the US after the holidays.

Plus the fact that there were a lot of X1 new owners during the holidays. I am not surprised that they are going on a shopping spree for games to catch up for lost time.

calis1375d ago

Apparently the X1 is not that far behind the PS4 in the US after the holidays.

Unlikely. Ps4 has won a lot of npds since release. Xbox came back for the past couple of months but not enough to be close.

Ballsack1375d ago

Yet its 10 million behind worldwide

USA = NOT the world

WelkinCole1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


I would not be surprised if the PS4 is 11 million ahead right now globally.

I think going into the holidays 2014 the PS4 was ahead just north of 1 million in NA from figures that were floating around. While the PS4 was wining most months in NA in 2013 and 2014. The wining margins where about 200-250k per month.

As such the gap in software sales would not be that big as a lot of people seem to think it should be which I find odd.

@calis. The figures I saw was less than a million.

It is the reason why MS was pushing hard out in NA last holiday season because it was the only place they knew they have a chance of wining those few months.

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emilijo7771376d ago

Good job SONY!!! Proud to be on a winners side

smoothop1376d ago

You're going on like you've just won a world war, go and have a shower or summet, cool off.

emilijo7771376d ago

let me guess. you prefer xbox

_LarZen_1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

It's nice to be a part of a great gaming community. With a company and a console that have been doing right by gamers since they presented the PS4.

Were like a big family of gamers. We are Playstation Nation! Game on!

UltraNova1375d ago

If MS released "XBOX BUTT-HURT" soothing cream they would sell over 18.5 million tubes in a single day not 15 months.

SKullDugger1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Wow! we all win if they both have success grow up dude this is not grade school. People like you give gaming a black eye.

raptorjacob1375d ago

Why can't they be excited for one particular brand? That gives passion and fun to the community. I love rivalries and it's nothing new to gaming.

WilDRangeRfc1375d ago

Your not!!! I have both,played a little Forza Horizon 2 then hopped on TLOUR MP all afternoon then a quick hour on Sunset Overdrive,gonna stick on Halo MCC for a few matches then some Driveclub,what about you???

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