Men and Women In Gaming: My Protagonist Problem

Austin Flynn writes: "There's been much discussion across the internet recently about male privilege in video games. Men don't have to worry about discrimination based on their sex, they're never sexually harassed online by the opposite gender because of the way their voice sounds and the validity of their 'gaming cred' is never on the line because of the chromosomes that make them who they are.

One huge negative to this male-oriented world is the over-abundance of male protagonists that fill the role of main 'good guy': the person the spotlight is almost always on and, more importantly, the character that players will spend a vast majority of their time controlling and connecting with."

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TheRedButterfly1375d ago

And you use Mass Effect/Shepard as the headline image? You know... A game where you choose the protagonists' gender, sexuality, and personality...

FLCL4711Fox1375d ago

Yeah, I think they were prolly trying to go for the whole "this is a good example of a game who did it right while portraying both genders equally". Although, who didn't know Samus was a girl. I thought that was common knowledge by now?

mixelon1375d ago

Well, that was a v reasonable piece. :)

"I prefer playing as a male character - so I can completely understand why a female might want to play as a female character." Is so obvious yet somehow escapes some people.

I'm equally happy playing either, but that's likely connected to when I got into games and how they didn't really do developed characters at the time. I can't really think of protagonists i related to back in the day, though I do remember being really annoyed at the Turrican 2 intro/story which totally went against my head-canon extrapolated from the couple of sentances of plot in the Turrican1 manual, haha.

SaveFerris1375d ago

What about the female characters in fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice and DOA through the story mode?

donwel1375d ago

Actually men are more harassed online than women, do your research before wasting web space on garbage.

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