Bungie Weekly Update - 02/12/2015


This week at Bungie, we’re prepping some features you’ll find in the next Destiny Update.

We’ve been talking about 1.1.1 for a few weeks now. We promised a Heavy Ammo bug fix. We promised some weapon tuning. The promise of “before the end of February” is still one we’re aiming to keep. Word on the street is that things are looking good.

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Christopher1376d ago

This game has great gameplay, but it's obvious they didn't release it in the form that it should have been.

Just now getting into showing your reputation in the UI rather than with NPCs? Still limited space on customizable elements like class marks and emblems when you should just have a list of ones you have and be able to swap between them at all times? Still no in-game grimoire elements, not even showing which bonuses you are close to completing or the like.

Great game with some great gameplay, but something in development changed a lot relatively close to release and they didn't give us what we should have had already.

I really hope they don't have this problem with the next game.

Tetsujin1376d ago

Seems like they're grasping at straws at this point with the "weekly updates." I stopped playing right after the Dark Below with 0 intentions of going back for HoW even though I bought the Digital Guardian Edition. There's just way too many broken parts with the game, the majority that still play (I didn't say everyone so don't go assuming) are die hards with a limited selection of games.

I do visit the forums on occasion to hope Bungie does something positive with the game, however with each weekly update it makes it easier for me to free up my HDD space for another game worth my $.