Nintendo Books Theater; E3 2015 Press Conference Incoming?

It looks like the video game giant is returning to the E3 stage this year.

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Relientk771034d ago

I would like to see them do a full E3 conference again.

I like watching all the conferences

3-4-51034d ago

E3 Conference + Nintendo Directs + Tree house could be pretty cool.

LOL_WUT1033d ago

I'm ok with this just along as they have a conference I have no idea why they went with those silly directs (although the last gave us a few laughs) I would like to see them be more competitive. ;)

MSBAUSTX1033d ago

I was thinking the same thing! Why else have a conference unless it is to show off either new hardware or something else. Could be Quality Of Life they are going to showcase though. Who knows with Nintendo anymore.

ValKilmer1034d ago

Nintendo always had one of the most entertaining conferences with little filler, so I hope they do return.

randomass1711033d ago

Their last conference before Wii U wasn't so great IMO but since then I think they have done better. Last year was a really good show for them IMO.

Nyxus1034d ago

Would be great if they have a stage show again.

Metallox1034d ago

I'd rather have a streaming again.

ValKilmer1034d ago

I'm sure they'd do both.

AKR1034d ago

I really enjoyed last year's stream presentation. No filler, no awkward moments, just pure gameplay with a few interviews. I'm not hating on the stage shows at all, but the streams leave very little margin for error.

All in all, hope everything is as good if not better than last year; they killed it!

Feriku1033d ago

Same, I thought last year's was fantastic!

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The story is too old to be commented.