Watch Vicious New Mortal Kombat X Reptile and Kitana Gameplay

NetherRealm has today unveiled over ten minutes of footage featuring Kitana and Reptile in bone-crushing action.

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deadfrag950d ago

No Kitana in this video!

blackblades950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Fail! there's no kitana.

ValKilmer949d ago

If you click the link, you'll find five videos....

blackblades949d ago

Still a fail and fail on our part but still it says reptile vs kitana at the bottom making it seem like this video shows them fighting each other. If there's multiple videos you should of just had the link to them and not having one video on the n4g page.

d4v0333950d ago

hmmm...did i read the title correct because it said Kitana and Reptile gameplay but i did not see any kitana gameplay

ValKilmer949d ago

Maybe you would if you clicked the link!

strangeaeon949d ago

I kind of wish there was a 3D camera.