Ubisoft Working to Avoid Game Delays in the Future; Promises Announced Games for 2015 Will Be There

Ubisoft is not new to delaying games, especially in the past couple years. Some had longer delays, some shorter, but quite a few titles hit the shelves later than they were expected.

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Relientk771340d ago

I hope Assassin’s Creed: Victory will be great, and they learned their lesson with Unity.

Abriael1340d ago

New tech on new consoles is always a challenge. Ubisoft has caught a lot of flak, but the problem was widespread.

brish1340d ago

I heard EA learned their lesson on bf3 then bf4 happened.

I learned a lesson. Don't buy games on release assuming they work because game developers don't learn.

Now I wait until I know a game is playable before purchasing it.

badz1491340d ago

Instead of promising for unbroken games, they promised to steadily milk their franchises without missing any chances now. Get ready for more broken games from ubisoft!

brish1339d ago

I just won't buy games anymore until I know they work. I don't have to deal with broken games anymore and they lose sales.

badz1491339d ago

I haven't been buying any games from Ubi lately. the last one I bought from them was Rayman Origins. lucky me, their games don't appeal to me much

BosSSyndrome1340d ago

On time is good, but dont rush it. If delays make the difference between a good or bad game, just delay it.

souldestroyer141340d ago

I thought they were already avoiding game delays by just releasing games unfinished..

AtomicGerbil1340d ago

How about don't publish unachievable release dates!

KiwiViper851340d ago

Totally, I'm happy with 1 months notice, maybe 2.

KnownAsEpic1340d ago

How about you promise to release working games, huh?

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The story is too old to be commented.