Here are the Top Xbox Exclusive Games to Watch Out for in 2015

Here are the top Xbox exclusive games due out in 2015. Games such as Halo 5: Guardians and Quantum Break, punctuate a strong lineup this year.

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qwerty6761399d ago

Agree except for the last one.

smite really?

theres gotta be a better one like forza or something?

christocolus1399d ago

I agree Forza 6 should be in there but Smite on Xbox has the potential to be be huge.The devs were very happy with the beta turn out and this is the first major moba on console. From previews i've read it seems they made a wonderful console port.

1398d ago
Magicite1399d ago

Only 2 of those 5 are exclusives, they should have made better list.

ZeroX98761399d ago

*console-exclusive games

BigShotSmoov0071398d ago

Smite is going to be big for the X1, the first real console MOBA...I can't wait.

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Tedakin1399d ago

I'd have Ori on that list too.

KiwiViper851399d ago

The Ori trailer has recently been put on my home page, and it still has a release date of "fall 2014" oops...

Tedakin1398d ago

Yeah I thought of that after I typed in my comment. Not a true TRUE exclusive.

Software_Lover1399d ago

We get these same "article" headlines twice a week.

KiwiViper851399d ago

Its an opinion piece, not an article. These pieces will be relevant until every individuals opinion has been expressed.

But I get what your saying.

DougLord1399d ago

Glad someone finally put Fable on a list like this. Fable 3 sold 5mm copies and the 4v1 really is revolutionary.

Where are games like Ori and Massive Challice?

I know Crackdown 3, Gears and Star Control 4 aren't confirmed 100% for 2015, but I'm stoked for those.

And we should see 2 new Rare titles in 2015.

MSFTs GDC is going to be imsane because they have said almost nothing.

jznrpg1399d ago

Unfortunately, Fable 3 was horrible.

Automatic791399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I would love that list and my list to play out like this for the remainder of this year.

Idarb February
Ori and blind forest March
ScreamRide March
State of Decay April
Quantum Break May
Fable Legends July
Smite August
Halo 5 September
Forza 6 October
TombRaider November

Notable Mentions Cuphead, Super hot, Massive Chalice, Dungeons and Dragons Never winter and more great titles.

Just thinking about this lineup and next years lineup with Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Crackdown, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War, Rare possibly bringing Battletoads, Conker, Perfect Dark or Banjo Kazooie. Not to mention Twisted Pixels next game, Deadlabs possibly State of Decay Game, and more to come. Wow!

christocolus1399d ago

I really want to see Rares new game and scalebound.

nowitzki20041398d ago

Ori and the blind, smite, state of decay are all on the pc as well.

Automatic791398d ago


I am sure they are great on PC but I don't game on my PC I game on consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.