Dying Light Review – (Free) Running The Zombie Genre [The Koalition]

Techland taps into their FPS pedigree from developing titles such as Call of Juarez and Dead Island to make one of the better zombie genre games overall.

Though the story spirals into cliche, the solid controls, graphics, and game-play result in a very enjoyable experience.

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Romudeth1375d ago

This game is hard to get into at first but picks up as you go along. Like the review said, it is far more enjoyable with friends.

SwiffEpics1375d ago

I've heard so much about this game that I now feel inclined to check it out. Nice review man!

rbailey1375d ago

I was rather surprised by what this game had to offer. There is plenty to love and hate about this game, but overall the product is solid in the areas where it counts most.

MoreGravyPleez1375d ago

I'm loving Dying Light now that I did some co-op but the freerunning and zombie killing is top notch! Story is so-so but managable I guess.