GameStop Is Offering In-store Pre-orders Of Shulk amiibo

Nintendo247 author writes: I just came back from my local GameStop and pre-ordered one of the best looking, if not the best looking amiibo of them all -Shulk. There are a few guidelines to this pre-order though:

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smashman981377d ago

there was a link that said you can preoder online which i tried and didnt work

DryBoneKoopa851377d ago

Type in Amiibo and their will be a second listing for Shulk. I just pre ordered a second one to keep sealed or to offer for trade for maybe a Meta Knight if I can't get one on the 20th.

addictedtochaos1375d ago

They are doing Web In Store orders for them, you go to your local GameStop, they order it online (you pay in full) and the item is shipped directly to you when it releases.