Mortal Kombat X Reptile Alternative Outfit Unveiled

Much Katana, who's outfit is a throwback to the classic Mortal Kombat titles, Reptile also has a more vintage-ninja throwback look, albeit much more intense.

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Relientk771406d ago

Reptile will always be one of my favs. Glad he's back in this.

gangsta_red1406d ago

Looks much, much better then the one he currently sports.

ValKilmer1406d ago

Personally, I love it. It's a nice twist on a classic.

IWentBrokeForGaming1405d ago

I really like his current one covered in teeth & stuff... Brings his character more to life IMO! Now if only his fatality wasn't so stupid

Snookies121405d ago

They said there were multiple fatalities, so if you don't like that one I'm sure he has at least one or two others.

CorndogBurglar1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Characters only had one fatality in the very first Mortal Game. He will have at least one more. Not to mention his Brutality.

Snookies121405d ago

Looks awesome! I hope they have an unlockable human ninja version of him like in MK9.

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