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Evolve has a hint of greatness, but a lack of content at launch and a jarring amount of premium launch and planned DLC hold it back. What we have here is an evolution of the Left 4 Dead formula, not a revolution.

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ftwrthtx1376d ago

Maybe this planned DLC hold-up is taking a turn for the worse.

T3mpr1x1376d ago

It's pretty bad when you consider that the $30 pass doesn't even get you the $15 premium Monster.

knifefight1376d ago

It's $15 for a monster?
Damn, that could buy you Journey. O_O

I'm curious to see how this goes.

Wedge191375d ago

Seems like a bit of a mess, but hey, they tried a new business model, saw that it failed, and maybe now companies won't follow suit?