The Order 1886 Dev Comments On Changed Outfits; Leaked Footage Details Improvements To Graphics

GearNuke writes: "The Order 1886 is looking to be a contender for best graphics in a video game and judging from the leaked footage, Ready at Dawn has improved the graphics significantly from its initial reveal back in February 2013."

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ILLINOIS1401d ago

The Order 1886 is the best looking game ever! It looks like a movie! The story is involving and the weapons are fun to use. This is a must own game! Once again you have never seen a game look better! I believe the Order 1886 part 2 will have the option to play through it with 4 player co op. That would take it to another level.

DarkLordMalik1401d ago

Have you finished the game? If so, you are damn lucky!!

1401d ago
GMR_PR1401d ago

I feel this game its been sold on graphics alone by the devs. What about gameplay?

Saithraphim1401d ago

These time travelers are back, someone alert the government

garos821401d ago

you know there are plenty of copies out there already. the game is finished and printed after all

Captain_Wormy1401d ago

I know you're just talking out of your ass but four player co-op actually sounds like it would be fun with friends.

PaleMoonDeath1401d ago

I've seen a few people trying to stream the game via Twitch only to have it pulled down moments later, only a week is left, patience will be rewarded peeps.


I really don't understand why people NEED to spoil themselves by watching the game's first 60 mins,... Personally I feel that I'd be robbing myself of the experience... But to each their own... What makes me mad is when losers try to ruin it for others by spilling the beans in comment sections. I'm actually really impressed by RADs ability to keep so much of the game a secret. 8 more days of anticipation then it'll b all mine.... Mmmmmmm I can taste it 😁

Forn1401d ago

I need my hands on this game NOW!

DigitalRaptor1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Why are people so offended by the talk of graphics? They are just THAT unbelievably good.

What else can you expect from the gameplay other than a rock solid performance, smooth controls, satisfying mechanics, great diversity of scenarios, nice challenge, amazing soft body physics and fun weapons to play about with in these environments? The QTEs are about as frequent as in The Last of Us. Those are all the kind of gameplay impressions that have been leaking out of those who have played the game.

The gameplay is not as much of a spectacle as the graphics are, so why would people draw attention to the gameplay when the graphics are just utterly, mind-bogglingly spectacular? As a sum of its parts (story, gameplay, graphics, sound), this game is going to be great. Why are people STILL worried about the gameplay when it's not much different to any great TPS ever created?

There is loads of information about it out there from leaked impressions, as I already said.