EGM: GTA IV DLC To Reveal New Biker Character?

The latest rumour in Quatermann's section of EGM this month, speculates that Rockstar's first upcoming DLC pack for GTA IV (exclusive to the Xbox 360 platform) will introduce an unknown, mysterious biker character.

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LastDance3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

ok ill

"mysterious biker dude" ooOOooooOoOooOOOOOOOO

Jamie Foxx3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

its no vice city or san adreas and to put it politely OVERHYPED GAME

the single player is actually one of my biggest dissappointments in my entire life of gaming,where did all those 10s come from?

fox023603d ago

from hype my friend, from hype.

Alexander Roy3603d ago

GTAIV? The game I haven't touched in, what, almost two months? If the average reaction on this site (read: most people having finished and since then not playing it anymore) is true for the majority, then MSFT spent 50 million bucks in vain.

falviousuk3603d ago

And we will just handily forget that the game has nestled into the top 3 games for activity on xbox live since its launched.
Must still be a few people playing it then

Alexander Roy3603d ago

Dude, I don't know the numbers of people playing a certain game on XBox Live, but thanks for the information.
Well, those people play online. How many of them care about the singleplayer (which I think is what the DLC will mainly focus on)? As long as the new content doesn't have to do with the MP part, most of those people online won't care, I guess. Even if, we don't know the price tag, which might turn off some people.

Don't get me wrong: I don't want to bash the 360 - I wouldn't get the DLC if it came to PSN. It's just that I didn't like the game as much as I thought I would.
Guess I bought into the hype. :/

Shortstop3603d ago

I didn't even bother finishing it lol

Montrealien3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

You guys forget that N4G comments sections are like a little group in a corner of an ocean of gamers that don't even know N4G exists.

You don't play the game anymore, fine. But it has sold millions and thousands upon thousands still play it online on both 360 and PS3, don't fool yourself by thinking what you are saying is fact, it is but a small point of view witch a maximum of 100 people who might agree with it.

I have not even finished the game yet, however it is sitting there and I play a mission or two now and then and I have enjoyed it. I'm also a little intrigued by the DLC that is coming up, that is my small useless point of view, in this huge huge huge industry.

Edit: Hype is useless, don't ever give into it it, let your own judgment of the game come to light, when the game actually comes out, it is the only thing that matters for your own perspective of things.

dachiefsman3603d ago

if the price is right I will d-load, but it better be longer than the mass effect content.

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SL1M DADDY3603d ago

The DLC was something that sounded cool or at least had the impression that it would be something really worth the price of admission. However, after playing the game, I have no interest in the DLC, especially at extra cost on top of the game itself. Perhaps if the game was a bit bigger and better than San Andreas but to be honest, it was something of a let down in terms of advancing the name of GTA. It had pretty graphics (to a point) but was not leaps and bounds above the previous titles.

Truplaya3603d ago

i still enjoy cops n crooks and co-op missions online. I hope the DLC is more for the MP now, as i dont play the single player game much at all anymore. It might be interesting to play as another character in SP though, they could just keep adding stories, and they all end up overlapping with each other, that would be cool.

Sitris3603d ago

Loved it, Beat it, Moved on from it, seriously though, if i had it on 360 i would prob check it out, but because im a Ps3/Pc/Wii gamer i will not see this downloadable content a shame yes, but something that i will actually care about 1 week after it is released?? No, but when Fable 2 comes out, I will sit there with my money and say "should i, or shouldn't i buy a 360" because Fable is the only reason (to me) to get a 360 not for some downloadable content, it would be nice, but im not buying a console for it.

PSN ID: Sitris

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