Stuck for Valentine's Day ideas? These great multiplayer games might save your bacon

Dealspwn: "Valentines Day is a beautiful thing. Whether you're heading out on a first date, celebrating years of happiness or just looking for that special someone, it's a day of careful planning, sweeping romantic gestures and love in its most ridiculously expensive purest form.

So stuff all that nonsense, because PlayStation Plus multiplayer is free for all this weekend and there's plenty of games to play.*

More than likely your significant other or date will be totally up for this plan. Gaming is awesome. We all know it. But just in case they need a little extra convincing, here are some great games that will bring you closer together for a truly special Valentine's Day. At least, that's what you'll tell them, seeing as you clearly haven't sorted anything out yet and there's only one day to go. It'll be our little secret.

*Dealspwn accepts no responsibility for any failed relationships as a result of this course of action. Dealspwn does not guarantee that any bacon will...

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