You can now upgrade your sub account to a master account

I'm happy to announce the introduction of a long requested feature to your PlayStation experience.

SEN sub account holders who are over 18 can now upgrade their existing account to a master account!

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Fro_xoxo1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Almost over a decade later ..

At the very least, it is now done..

Up next..

Let people change names, and region.

These features will probably not see the light of day till PS5.

JimmyHACK1374d ago

HAHA!! I just knew the first comment would be complaining about name changing.

Travis37081374d ago

I would love to change my name, but that's meh to me. I'm alright with what I picked. You guys should be the same. I don't want everyone on my friends list changing their names.

Joda1373d ago

You damn straight it is. $50 a year and I can't even do something simple like change my gamer Id?? It's bad enough watching an enemy die before the bullet hits them in the ps versions of call of duty but I can't change my damn name!?! That's just plain dumb.

Even steam can change it........REPETEDLY, and they're a free service. Xbox charges but hey sony could to. I just don't understand the reasoning. So primitive. Stuff like that make me avoid psn. I have 21 platinums sony but I wanna change my name sushi yoshida! Lay off a couple of free indies and give me at least ONE name change, and not that Facebookcrap.

DanielGearSolid1374d ago

You have to chill!

We're making progress!

MegaRay1374d ago

I dont think it would be PS5 in 2025. More like PS6 or PS now right now

Christopher1374d ago

Only 8 years since inception, but, yeah, very long overdue.

I'm not sure they'll ever do name changes. I think that's why they implemented the "real name" feature on PS4. I think it's too much of a security risk for them that they don't want to manage the possibility of someone hacking and changing someone's name, let alone other information, and then deal with someone trying to get the account back.

ipach1374d ago

has that an issue on Steam and XBL?

Christopher1374d ago

@ipach: I know, but I'm just trying to think of it from Sony's perspective. I don't agree with it, but I think they're more concerned with doing it and then dealing with any issues like that happening. There could be some old technology issue, but I can't think of it. I'm just not sure. But, if it hasn't happened yet, I'm not sure it ever will.

ifistbrowni1374d ago

Wait, wha...?

You think its less of a security risk to reveal you full name to online strangers than to change an online gamertag?

Your PSN_ID has nothing to do with logging in. When you log into the PSN anywhere (website, vita, ps3, ps4) it never asks for your psn_ID. It asks for your email and password.

So, if someone hijacked your account, changing your PSN_ID wouldn't do anything. Your account would still be attached to your email/password until the "hacker" changed that information.

So, yeah. That's no defense to why Sony shouldn't implement name changes.

Christopher1373d ago

***You think its less of a security risk to reveal you full name to online strangers than to change an online gamertag?

Considering it's a secondary attribute and you control who sees it, yes.

Though, nowhere did I say anything about that being secure or not. I said it was an option that showed a sign that they weren't going allow name changes anytime soon.

***Your PSN_ID has nothing to do with logging in.***

Knowing which count to access when your account has been hacked and the e-mail changed does make your PSN_ID a valuable tool to track. It prevents your account from being completely wiped and you unable to determine what happened to it at all. Since e-mail and passwords can change, the fact that PSN ID can't is the sole way that a person has to track what has happened to their account.

***So, if someone hijacked your account, changing your PSN_ID wouldn't do anything. ***

It would completely erase it from your ability to ever retrieve the account.

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ZerobyZero1374d ago

Awesome I always wante to upgrade to master account.

IrisHeart1374d ago

I didn't even know there were sub accounts...

Palitera1374d ago

Can someone please explain what they are?

IrisHeart1374d ago

I think they are like parental controlled accounts?

GameSpawn1374d ago

Sub accounts are "child" accounts to the Master account. They share a wallet with the Master account and any and all purchases are shared between the Master account and all sub-accounts. The Master account has complete control over the wallet and can set spending limits or block spending altogether.

Sub-accounts that are elevated to Master accounts with this new program will retain any purchases that the sub-account had made, though they will loose access to all the shared purchases made by other sub-accounts and the master account (this makes sense as they didn't make those purchases and aren't entitled to keep them). The Master account also looses access to the elevated sub-account's purchases for the same reason.

ipach1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

they should've called them 'child accounts' in the first place. i mistakenly created a subaccount and used it primarily just thinking it was a way to make another PSN name. stupid me didn't realize i can't fund my wallet directly, can't use the share button properly, can't be real name friends with anyone... but alas, hope is in the air


Damn I wish I knew about these sub accounts etc, it would've saved me from having 3 diff profiles ( due to various reasons).... Oh well I'ma stay where I'm at I guess... This all could've been avoided by letting us change user names but hey not everything is as we want... Back to playing games

ipach1374d ago

oh man, i thought the day would never come. FINALLY. today is a good day, friends. I think Sony should just start considering making February the official month of #Greatness or something... there is hope, people. The Order might actually be a good game! Bloodborne might restore the Japanese home console market. BobbyB00BC0CKs might finally get to change his PSN name. People sitting next to me on the plane might stop calling my Vita a gameboy. The Last Guardian. Anything is possible!!

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