New Dragon Quest Heroes coming tomorrow, teases “shocking new information”

A new Dragon Quest Heroes trailer is coming tomorrow, and it’ll have “shocking new information,” according to the game’s chief producer.

“Tomorrow, we’re planning on releasing a new trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes,” Ryutaro Ichimura said in a tweet. “Please watch it until the end, because there will be some shocking new information included. Look forward to it!”

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Rikuson11399d ago

Usually these DW Clones have some sort of twist to the gameplay that make them unique and some times even more enjoyable than the Dw games themselves. (Example One Piece Pirate Warriors Heavy into Light attacks or DwG and the dash cancel to connect combos even tho Sw4 add both of those to their games they debuted in One Piece and DWG) So hopefully DQH does at least one new gameplay mechanic that is so useful fun or unique that it feels weird playing without it in future Musou Games. (I'm feeling that right now in DW8 after playing Sw4 it emtpy without my triangle combos and I know Dw8e wouldn't add them Dw9 better though.) I'm rambling now..