PS4 dominates Ubisoft Sales for Q3; Assassin's Creed Ships 10 Million, Far Cry 4 Ships 7 Million

Ubisoft just posted its new financial report for the third quarter of its 2014-15 financial year, related to the period between September 1st and December 31st.

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Eonjay1402d ago

The obvious question regards Unity and bundles...

jackanderson19851402d ago

couldn't that be countered with the PS4 extra stuff with Far Cry, watchdogs and the fact it's a larger fan base?

No_Limit1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

The PS4 has like a 8 million lead, the sales split is like 50/50 from the US and EU and EU is predominantly more PS favor territory with more sales and PS4 is still sold in more countries there. The total breakdown is PS4 has like 34% vs like 23% for XB1 for the third quarter but for the the entire 9 months of q1,q2,q3 combined, PS4 sales is at 34% vs 20% for xb1...because remember that in the spring there was an official Watchdog PS4 bundle too. All sales of physical games and digital games counts..that is why you see on the report for q3 that both digital and back catalog sales have great increases. doubt thanks to the XB1 bundle that included AC Unity and Black Flag.

imt5581402d ago

Nope! It's even a bigger lead.

Ubisoft estimates PS4/XB1 install base at 28M, expects to double by end of 2015

So, Sony's statement at CES is over 18.5 mil. sold-trough PS4's. Calculate then!

No_Limit1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago ), that makes the software to hardware ratio that much more impressive for the XB1 as if what you are saying is true....then 34% vs 23% really ain't that bad for xbox. PS4 should be ahead like 40% to 20% if what you are saying is true.

So are you admitting that attach ratio is much higher on XB1? ;)

Kamikaze001402d ago

Spinning like Taz the Tazmanian Devil over there.. Lord o mercy.

thanhgee1402d ago


You do realise that the attach rate for all games is pretty much the same across the PS4/XB1 right? Using Ubisoft's sales as an overall representation is just dumb.

NuggetsOfGod1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Good! competition is bad for the industry I hope sony gets a 30M lead.

Then I will laugh at everyone. Including sony fans who care so much.

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-Foxtrot1402d ago

Far Cry 4 deserved more sales then Assassins Creed Unity

"Assassin’s Creed Unity won the prize for best “Character Animation in a Video Game” at the Annie Awards"


"A very good performance delivered by the two Assassin’s Creed® opuses"

I think this report really shows you how despite the bugs or glitches in a game companies only give a shit when sales are involved.

Guess they'll never learn.

If Far Cry 5 is another copy and paste of Far Cry 3 with small improvements then Ubisoft have lost it

jackanderson19851402d ago

"I think this report really shows you how despite the bugs or glitches in a game companies only give a shit when sales are involved."

it's a financial report, the whole basis of it is sales... investors won't care if a game is a piece of crap if it sells 10 million

Fil1011402d ago

I agree, I just couldn't get into farcry 4 as it was what u say "aa copy & paste"

BlackTar1871402d ago

yea, I loved farcry 3 but Farcry was so much the same i had a hard time getting back into at the level Farcry pulled me in.

Plus the Co-op not being story related was kind of a turn off too.

N4g_null1402d ago

Gamers are no different. We get preached at about sonys sales dominance and 3rd parties all showing up for one platform. Then they preorder all of these games and return them yet hold on they still get rewarded for that bad game.

Gamers desperately needed something to justify that ps4 or xbone purchase. Every one loves to see new hardware flex. Ubi knew this and they bet right. hype on the front end and securing preorders and paying for that pr thru reviews. I don't like it and many gamers got burned but they made money off of it and they where right.

This send the message that gamers don't want real games they want hype and a monopoly means they don't have to spend as much money right??? Seriously the DLC, DRM, and micro transactions are coming because the only other choice is nintendo now, if you cant afford pc.

The vocal minority here will get washed away as the the phone/tablet gamer kids come flowing in to console gaming. The AAA know this and that is what the stats are saying, which is why the nintendo should make mobile games keep getting thrown around.

REAL money is made from phone gamers not traditional gamers. You call them casual but the money coming in looks pretty hardcore.

The sad truth is you may have not been a pawn in those sales but a large part of the gaming populace was and will continue to be. Gaming is really taking some bad turns.

KnownAsEpic1402d ago

And kids, this is why we'll still get broken games

MSBAUSTX1402d ago

All this translates to is Ubisoft will do anything for money and do whatever that "anything" is for the highest bidder. There is another frowned upon profession on this planet that follows the same pattern...

Imalwaysright1402d ago

Too many gamers out there with low standards and this is the result.

LOL_WUT1402d ago

Too many uninformed gamers as FarCry 4 was actually a pretty good game and didn't have any of the issues that plagued AC ;)

Christopher1402d ago

Agreed. Too much publicity around ACU due to how bad it was and not enough about how good FC4 was, even if it was more of a FC3.5 of sorts. Still, it did a good job at what it does.

Imalwaysright1402d ago

And yet 10 million copies of a broken mess of a game were shipped. There is a reason why this industry is an anti-consumer joke and that reason is that too many gamers have no standards whatsoever. In a few months we had Driveclub, MC collection and Unity and this kind of crap won't stop because there are too many gamers willing to reward and defend devs/publishers that screw them left, right and center.

There was some other N4g user that told me that he actually laughed when he saw gamers complaining on forums the day after buying broken games and quite frankly I'm starting to laugh too. I'm also laughing at the people that are outraged/surprised with Evolve's DLC scheme.

You reap what you sow.

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