Playing Evolve on Multiple Consoles May Wipe Character Progress In Final Version

If you’re a fan of the cloud-based convenience of online gaming, you’re going to hit a wall of sadness with Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve this week, assuming you own two or more consoles.

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Stevefantisy1197d ago

Wow this will suck big time.

ROQFrost1197d ago

Yea that's going to piss some people off.

JoeIsMad1197d ago

I like to play games at home then access them when I want to play at a friend's house, so this blows.

Magnus7011197d ago

You know, this is pretty interesting

Edward751197d ago

This happened to me once already. I decided to play on the Xbox One because I knew two regulars that where picking it up. I got to level 5. Backed out. Came back and poor , gone!

Jacktrauma1197d ago

Gaming companies just need to quit all this segregation with their servers and open them to all platforms. Its not like sales would ultimately be any different.

shloobmm31196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I have an Xb1 console down in my man den and one upstairs in my Living Room and when I booted up Evolve it did the standard syncing it normally does, and I had all of my progression brought over. I am pretty sure that's an automatic XBL thing and not something Evolve controls. At least on the XB1.