Evolve Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "Evolve is one of those games that will either enthrall you to the point of obsession, or have you putting your shoes on the wrong feet because you can’t get down to GAME fast enough to trade it in and recoup some of your money before it falls in price. I do think that it will be a big player in the Esports scene as it is a joy to watch a match where the players are communicating and actually working towards a common goal in unison. Turtle Rock Studios are definitely onto something with Evolve but it’s just not quite coming across at the moment, feeling repetitive after a short while running around the lush environments. My opinion is that they have a solid concept with the right feel and setting, but it just has not gelled together in the way it should. The characters need more ways of being able to become unique with a deeper set of customisation and skills to make each encounter different depending on what skills the player has either unlocked or equipped."

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